Aerospace Logistics

Aerospace Logistics

Material transportation is one of the main functions of logistics and the central activity of logistics business. Therefore, people sometimes regard air transportation of materials as synonymous with logistics. All logistics activities, and even the movement of all items, are inseparable from the transportation link. The task of aviation material transportation is to solve the problem of material displacement in space. In other words, the purpose of air transportation of materials is to eliminate the regional differences between the production and supply of materials and consumer demand, and to deliver various materials to consumers in a timely manner to realize their use value.

The reason why air transportation of materials plays a pivotal role in logistics activities is that transportation costs account for the largest proportion of logistics costs, which has become a major factor affecting logistics costs.

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Aerospace logistics includes warehousing, ground transportation, cargo handling, air transportation and other aspects. Realhong provides advanced logistics for aerospace and offers global aviation logistics solutions to support the overall process of the aviation agency and logistics business. The main businesses supported include:

1.Freight sales agency business

2. Warehouse management business

3. Transportation management business

4. Pick-up and delivery service

5. Third-party logistics business

6. Revenue management and settlement business

Realhong's global aerospace logistics solutions, from air freight forwarding services, warehousing, transportation, to third-party logistics, and other levels, reflect the information support for modern aviation logistics. Realhong also hopes that through this program, it can effectively expand the service areas of air cargo and logistics, provide strong support for customers' business expansion in logistics, and ultimately promote the comprehensive improvement of the level of aviation logistics industry information and corporate competitiveness.

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