Automotive Logistics

Automotive Logistics

Automobile logistics, also known as vehicle logistics, is an important part of the logistics field. It has characteristics different from other types of logistics and is a highly complex logistics activity. With the rapid development of China's logistics automotive industry, cost control has become more and more important today, and the cost control of auto freight logistics has increasingly become the focus of attention. It has become a must for automotive shipping companies to reduce logistics costs through the integration of resources and urgent issues.

It is an organic combination of all circulation links of commodities from production to consumption.

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Our Automotive Logistics Solutions

Our global procurement, distribution and aftermarket automobile shipping services ensure that your components and vehicles reach their destinations smoothly. We provide a range of warehousing services and transportation methods, including road transportation, rail transportation services, sea or air freight. We also provide environmentally friendly transportation solutions, consulting services and third-party/fourth-party logistics concepts.

We are serviced by a team of automotive industry experts. Our customers include many of the world's largest original equipment manufacturers, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

Realhong is uniquely positioned to provide transportation, distribution, consolidation and unpacking services, and supply chain management solutions for all markets in the world.

Our automotive logistics solutions

Auto Parts & Finished Vehicle Logistics For Your Needs

Auto parts & Finished vehicle logistics For your needs

Are you looking for a logistics provider who can provide a large number of solutions for finished vehicles? As one of the leading logistics group for finished vehicles, Realhong is far ahead in annual shipments. We provide you with expertise in the following areas: logistics engineering, multimodal transport, customs and tax representatives, vehicle storage and preparation, and their distribution in dealers in the network.

In addition to finished vehicle logistics, there is also auto parts logistics to meet your needs. With advanced technology and rich experience, it can meet the unique needs of the automotive supply chain. Realhong Group can support the sequential supply of auto parts, which fully meets the complex logistics requirements of automakers producing globally. In addition, the consistent high-quality service makes customers happy every time they experience.

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