Automotive Freight Logistics Shipping Services

Automotive Freight Logistics Shipping Services

Automotive logistics is comprehensive management integrating modern transportation, warehousing, storage, handling, packaging, product circulation and logistics information. Car logistic is a bridge to communicate with raw material suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, parts dealers, logistics companies and end customers. It also realizes the organic integration of all circulation links of commodities from production to consumption.

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Automotive Logistics Meaning

Automobile logistics, also known as vehicle logistics, is an important part of the logistics field. Automotive shipping has characteristics different from other types of logistics and is a highly complex logistics activity. With the rapid development of China's logistics automotive industry, cost control has become more and more important today, and the cost control of auto freight logistics has increasingly become the focus of attention. Thus, car carrier logistics has become a must for automotive shipping companies to reduce logistics costs through the integration of resources and urgent issues.

Auto Freight Logistics

Automotive Shipping Rates

The automotive shipping rates mainly depend on the types of vehicles you transported, the distance from one location to another. While shipping cars internationally is slightly different for each country because of the laws and taxes involved in moving any cargo between countries. 

If you are interested in more information about automobile shipping/transportation services, we are very glad to provide you with accurate automotive shipping rates of exactly what goes into the estimates of moving a car, truck, motorcycle or RV, and how much the car transports costs too. 

Automotive Logistics Solutions

Our global procurement, distribution and aftermarket automobile shipping services ensure that your components and vehicles reach their destinations smoothly. We provide a range of warehousing services and transportation methods, including road transport logisticsrail transportation services, sea or air freight courier transport logistics. We also provide environmentally-friendly transportation solutions, consulting services and third-party/fourth-party logistics concepts.

We are serviced by a team of automotive industry experts. Our customers include many of the world's largest original equipment manufacturers, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

Realhong is uniquely positioned to provide transportation, distribution, consolidation and unpacking services, and supply chain management solutions for all markets in the world.

Door to Door Auto Transportation Services

The auto shipping service we provide is presumed to be door-to-door unless you have other plans to clarify beforehand. That is to say, whenever possible, movers will pick up and deliver your vehicles to where you live, your office or any other places you designate.

Terminal to Terminal Auto Transportation Services

Also referred to as dock-to-dock, the terminal-to-terminal auto shipping service we provide involves pick up and delivery to or from a regional storage facility. Terminal-to-terminal automotive freight may be the best choice for you if you are planning a long-distance move. This type of automotive transportation service allows for flexible drop-off and storage. Realhong, one of the professional international automotive shipping companies, can help you decide which is the best option for you.

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Auto Parts & Finished Vehicles Logistics Solutions

Are you looking for a logistics provider who can provide a large number of solutions for finished vehicles? As one of the leading automotive transport companies for finished vehicles, Realhong is far ahead in annual shipments. We provide you with expertise in the following areas: logistics engineering, multimodal transport, customs and tax representatives, vehicle storage and preparation, and their distribution in dealers in the network.

In addition to finished vehicle logistics, there is also auto parts logistics to meet your needs. With advanced technology and rich experience, it can meet the unique needs of the automotive supply chain. Realhong Group can support the sequential supply of auto parts, which fully meets the complex logistics requirements of automakers producing globally. In addition, the consistent high-quality auto shipping service makes customers happy every time they experience it.

Auto parts & Finished vehicle logistics For your needs

Automotive Parts 3PL

Nowadays, auto parts businesses are facing greater challenges than before. The demand of customers is rising whereas manufacturing costs have gone up. If you need a third-party auto logistics company to help your auto parts business succeed in the crowded market, Realhong is always here to help. 

Auto Freight Shipping And Logistics

FAQs of Automobile Shipping Transportation Services

  • How to transport a car from state to state?

    You can choose to ask a professional auto logistics company for help. First, get a trustworthy car delivery transport company. Then, fulfill the relevant information of the consignment and handle the entrusting procedures. Third, check the performance of the vehicle carefully such as engine and tires. Then, make sure what kind of logistics services you want and sign the contract. At lat, wait for the completion of delivery.

  • What is the cheapest way to transport a car?

    There are several types of transportation services. Rail freight is the cheapest, while air freight is the most expensive way but it's relatively time-saving.

  • What is the best car transport company?

    You need to pay more attention to factors such as low prices, binding quotes, years of experience, extra insurance, customer reviews etc. to find the best car carrier company.

  • How to transport a car long distance?

    You can choose to hire a driver, tansport your vehicle using a dolly or trailer, drive it yourself if the distance is less than 500 miles. While if the distance is longer, you'd better choose freight shipping services like rail freight, road freight, sea or air freight.

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