About 9 Stages of Logistical Management

About 9 Stages of Logistical Management

2022-11-25 13:59:38

Ⅰ. The definition of logistical management

Logistical management refers to the process from "purchase" to "delivery". Each link may affect the expenditure of costs. Therefore, logistical management plays an extremely important role in operating costs.


Ⅱ. The stages of the whole logistical management

1. Purchasing management

Formulate purchasing plans and specifications, determine the quantity and quality of purchases, and the standards of delivery time and location.


2.Transportation management

Transportation management in logistics is about the method and route of transportation. If it is fragile or refrigerated and frozen goods, confirm the transportation vehicle and loading method.


3. Storage management

The storage method of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, including the control of inventory and warehouse temperature.


4. Loading and unloading management

The design and equipment planning of the loading and unloading system.


5. Packaging management 

Selection and design of packaging materials, automation and standardization of packaging.


6. Manufacturing and processing management

Standardization of manufacturing process and development of standard operating procedures.


7. Delivery management

The selection of the center location for goods collection and the optimization of the distribution operating process.


8. Logistics information management

Acceptance, material picking, inventory and the quantity of returned goods need to be grasped in real time.


9. Customer management

Investigate and analyze the customer's response to logistics to determine the logistics service that the customer really needs.

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