air cargo courier services

air cargo courier services

2022-10-14 17:16:40

International air cargo refers to the whole process of logistics, information flow realization, and control management from the arrival of the aircraft to the destination airport, the carrier unloads the cargo from the aircraft until it is handed over to the recipient. Many friends regard international air freight and air express as the same thing. The difference between the two is quite big. Let me explain the difference between international air freight and international air express from six aspects!




Six major differences between international air freight and international air express!


Difference 1: Transport subject


The main bodies of international express delivery are major express companies, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS, and other international express service providers. The express packages we want to mail are mainly delivered to their destinations through these international express service providers. However, we usually contact mainly international freight forwarders, and freight forwarders are all agents of these international express service providers.


Difference 2: Service Scope


International air freight can generally only be transported to the designated airport. After arriving at the airport, other things must be handled by the customer or the customer's freight forwarding company. International express delivery is generally door-to-door, but it should be noted that international express delivery does not include the purpose. Local customs clearance is only to assist in customs clearance. If you encounter customs clearance problems, you still need the recipient to assist in customs clearance.


International Express: including domestic export customs clearance agency services, excluding destination customs clearance, and delivery after destination customs clearance.


International air freight: Customs clearance in the destination country is not included. Guests need to go to the airport to pick up the goods for customs clearance, and do they include customs duties in the destination country? They will not be delivered to the door unless the service item is air-delivered.


Difference 3: aging


International air and international express delivery time are about the same, about a few days. Some places are faster by international air, and some places are faster by international express. For example, in Tokyo, Japan, international air transportation should be the fastest, and it is invented today. The speed of aging is mainly related to the following three factors:


  1. The efficiency and strength of the transportation company;


  1. Schedule of airport flights;


  1. The customs clearance speed of the destination.


Difference 4: Billing method


International air freight is calculated based on the larger of the volume weight and the actual weight (Note: The volume weight is calculated according to the formula of length * width * height ÷ 6000, of which length, width, and height are all calculated in centimeters.) The bulky goods are called throwing goods, also called bubble goods. For example, for the nano pillow, the actual weight is only 5 kilograms, but the volume weight has reached 28 kilograms.


Difference 5: Tracking the way of goods


Express: You can use the waybill number provided by international express to track and inquire on the corresponding express company website.


Air Freight: You can check the airline's website with the bill of lading number.


Difference 6: Different weight requirements


International air freight can be transported as much as possible. The weight of a single piece of international express should not be greater than 69KG. If it is larger than this weight, it is considered an oversized item.


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