air cargo express international courier services

air cargo express international courier services

2022-10-15 16:00:02

Air freight is similar to traditional air express business and postal delivery business in many aspects, but as a specialized business, it has its unique features, mainly in the:






Air freight is mainly in the form of centralized consignment, or directly entrusted by the consignor to an air freight forwarder. After the goods arrive at the destination, they will be handed over to the consignee through the related person of the air freight forwarder at the place of departure. In addition to involving airlines, the business also relies on the assistance of air freight forwarders. Most air express companies are multinational companies. These companies have established a global network in the form of a sole proprietorship or joint venture. The delivery of air express is done within multinational companies. The international postal service obtains cooperation between the postal agencies of most countries in the world through the Universal Postal Union, and the mail is transmitted through the cooperation of the postal authorities of more than two countries.


Receipt range


The traditional air cargo business is mainly trading goods, and it is stipulated that the volume of each piece of goods should not be less than 5*10*20 cm. For the postal service, private letters are the main business objects, and each package is required to weigh no more than 20 kilograms and be no more than 1 meter in length. There are two main categories of receipts by air express: documents and parcels. Among them, documents mainly refer to commercial documents and various printed materials. Generally, the gross weight of the package should not exceed 32 kg (including 32 kg) or the outer package should not exceed 102 cm on one side, and the three sides together should not exceed 175 cm. As the air transport industry becomes more competitive, courier companies tend to relax package size requirements to attract more customers.


Organizational form


The traditional operating theory of postal transport is relay delivery. Most air express companies use the central distribution theory or the carousel distribution theory to organize the global network. Simply put, the express company sets up a distribution center (Hub) in the central area according to the actual situation of its own business. Express parcels collected in various places are distributed according to the destination area and loaded on the plane. That night, planes from all over the country flew to the distribution center, and they exchanged the express and flew back. In the early morning of the next day, the express will be delivered to the recipient's desk by car from the local branches. This method may seem unreasonable, but because the central distribution theory reduces intermediate links, the flow of express mail is simple and clear, reduces errors, improves operational efficiency, and shortens the delivery time. It has been proven to be economical and effective.


Use documents


Air freight uses air waybills, postal uses parcel lists, and the air express industry also has its unique transport document - Proof of Delivery (POD). Delivery vouchers in quadruplicate. The first copy is left at the place of origin and used for the export declaration; the second copy is attached to the surface of the goods and accompanies the goods. The recipient can sign this copy to indicate receipt of the goods (hence the name of the delivery certificate), but usually express mail The recipient signs the delivery record provided by the courier company, and keeps this copy; the third copy is used as the basis for the express company's internal settlement; the fourth copy is kept at the sender's place as the delivery certificate, and the copy is printed with The clauses on the back can be used as the basis for judging the rights and interests of the parties and resolving disputes in the event of a dispute.


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