Air Export and Air Import Process

Air Export and Air Import Process

2022-11-25 11:54:22

If you are not a customs personnel, you may not know much about the air export process and air import process, so what are the procedures for airport custom clearance?


Ⅰ. Airport custom clearance process: consignor and freight forwarding company


What does the consignor need to prepare for the airport custom clearance process:

1. Provide cargo information.

2. Customs declaration materials required for airport customs clearance: list, contract, invoice, manual, verification form, electromechanical card, etc.

3. Find a freight forwarder.

4. Inquiry.


What does the freight forwarding company need to prepare for the airport custom clearance process:

1. Power of Attorney;

2. Commodity inspection;

3. Space booking;

4. Receive the goods, self-delivery by the consignor, and the freight forwarder should fax the picture of the goods into the warehouse to the consignor. Specify the contact person, phone number, delivery address, time, etc., so that the goods can be put into the warehouse in a timely and accurate manner. When the freight forwarder receives the goods, the consignor shall provide the freight forwarder with relevant information such as the specific receiving address, contact person, telephone number, time, etc., to ensure that the goods are put into the warehouse in time.

5. Settlement of transportation costs.


Ⅱ. What are the airport custom clearance procedures?


Airport/airline cargo terminal:

1. Tally;

2. Weighing;

3. Billing;

4. Special handling, possibly due to the importance, danger and shipping restrictions of the cargo, the cargo terminal will require the representative of the carrier to conduct an audit , and sign the description before entering the warehouse.


Commodity inspection:

1. Documents: The consignor must issue a list, invoice, contract, and power of attorney for inspection.

2. Make an appointment with the commodity inspection for inspection time.

3. The Inspection and Commodity Inspection Bureau will take samples of the goods or make on-site assessments to make audit conclusions.

4. After the release and inspection are qualified, the Commodity Inspection Bureau will make a certification on the "Power of Attorney for Inspection Application".


Customs brokers:

1. Order receipt and delivery;

2. Pre-entry;

3. Declaration;

4. Delivery time;

5. Working hours of the customs broker. Air cargo must be delivered to the warehouse at noon one day in advance, and the customs declaration can only be made after the goods arrive at the warehouse.



1. Document review. The customs will review the goods and documents according to the customs declaration information.

2. Inspection. Random inspection or self-inspection will be carried out by the freight forwarder.

3. Taxation. Custom shall collect taxation according to the category of goods and the provisions of national laws, and fill in the verification form.

4. Release. After the above procedures are completed, the customs will release the goods, stamp the customs release seal on the relevant documents, and hand them over to the relevant customs broker.


Ⅲ. Airport custom clearance process: airline and destination port



1. Arrangement. The airline will arrange the loading table of the goods that have been released by the customs according to the size and weight of the goods, and hand them over to the cargo station for packing or pre-distribution of the goods.


2. Loading. The cargo is packed or pre-configured, and the loading work is carried out, and the transshipment port and the destination port are notified according to the loading manifest, so as to facilitate the smooth transfer and arrival of the cargo.


Destination port:

1. Directly to the destination port, the consignee printed on the air waybill will clear the customs and collect the goods.


2. For the non-direct destination port, the airline will be responsible for transshipment and deliver the goods to the final destination port, and then the consignee shown on the waybill will carry out airport custom clearance and collect the goods.

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