Characteristics of Special Logistics Transportation

Characteristics of Special Logistics Transportation

2022-11-25 13:52:08

1. What is special logistics transportation


Special cargo logistics is a logistics process that requires special conditions, equipment and means in the logistics process. Special cargo flow transportation involves the logistics transportation of dangerous goods, large items, valuables, and fresh food, etc. So what is special logistics transportation?


Special logistics transportation means that the transported goods have special requirements in the process of loading, unloading, storage, and transportation due to their special nature to ensure complete and safe transportation. Generally, large vehicles or tankers, refrigerated vehicles, and insulated vehicles are required. Wait for vehicle transportation. It mainly includes: oversized and overweight goods, escorted goods, valuable goods, fresh and perishable goods, biological products, bacterial seeds and poisonous seeds, plants and plant products, dangerous goods, urgent goods, diplomatic mail bags and other goods.


2. What are the characteristics of special logistics transportation


Special logistics transportation is a weak link in transportation. In particular, the logistics and transportation of dangerous goods and bulky goods are also weak links in transportation. A detailed error in the logistics transportation of dangerous goods and large-scale logistics transportation is likely to affect and threaten social stability, people's health and life safety on a large scale, and even serious loss of people's lives and properties. Locally affect the construction of a harmonious society and even become the focus of restricting economic development.


The characteristics of special logistics transportation mainly include the particularity of the cargo itself, the specificity of the means of transportation, the safety of the storage and transportation process, the integrity of the monitoring process, and the comprehensiveness of the personnel quality. Therefore, we must pay attention to the status of goods and related regulations when carrying out special logistics transportation, so that special logistics and transportation operations can be completed better and safer.

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