customs held for inspection and clearance

customs held for inspection and clearance

2022-10-15 16:58:37

Customs inspection means that the customs accept the declaration of the declaration unit and have reviewed the declaration unit as the basis, and through the actual inspection of the import and export goods, to determine whether the content of the declaration documents is consistent with the actual import and export goods. regulatory approach.


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After customs inspects the goods, it is necessary to fill in an inspection record. The inspection records generally include the inspection time, place, the name of the consignee and consignor or its agent of the imported and exported goods, the declared goods, the inspection of the transportation and packaging of the goods (such as the name of the means of transport, container number, size, and seal), the goods name, specifications, etc. For the goods that need to be inspected, an inspection notice will be issued within 1 day after the declaration is accepted, and the inspection will be completed within 1 day after the customs inspection conditions are met. Except for the tax payment, the customs clearance procedures will be completed within 4 hours after the inspection is completed.


Whether it is a customs declaration company or a foreign trade company, in the process of customs declaration, the most fearful thing is to encounter customs inspection. General customs inspection requires not only the customs broker to accompany the inspection, but also to prepare a large amount of information, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive; at the same time, it also disrupts the established work plan. Therefore, customs declarers hope to reduce the inspection rate of customs declaration and clear customs with peace of mind. Once checked, it is quite troublesome.


Some points for customs inspection


  1. Inspection fee During the inspection process, the customs declarer of the customs broker needs to be accompanied by a representative, and a certain inspection service fee will be charged, which should be included in the cost of the enterprise.


  1. If the overdue storage fee is subject to customs inspection, it is necessary to queue up for inspection. Once the defective goods are inspected and stranded at the port, the enterprise will increase the storage fee.


  1. Time planning Due to the lack of budget inspection time, the shipping schedule or delivery date is delayed, which will increase various additional burdens and damage a lot of interests.


Several factors of customs inspection


  1. The system is randomly checked, this is not controlled by humans and will not be discussed;


  1. For major events or special customs operations, this can only be considered unlucky. However, in the event of major events, companies will reserve inspection time to minimize risks;


  1. Processing trade, the import, and export declaration under the first manual of the new factory in general processing trade will be subject to key inspections;


  1. For price declaration, if the price is lower than the price when imported or higher than the price library when exported under the conditions of the same brand and model, it will trigger manual document review and even control inspection;


  1. Declaration elements, some customs declarers do not understand the meaning of declaration elements and the filling requirements, so they will fill in the declaration elements incorrectly, which increases the probability of inspection and control;


  1. Document errors, occasionally encounter errors in the accompanying documents provided by the entrusting unit. Once errors are made, the inspection rate will increase, so be careful, be careful, and be careful;


  1. Split declaration, to avoid the application of the license, the method of splitting the order is adopted to make the declaration into parts. Once the declaration information is monitored, wait to be checked! (Splitting orders is risky, do it and cherish it.)


  1. Enterprise qualifications, needless to say, the chances of being inspected are very different between those with high qualifications and those with low qualifications (especially the named customs declaration enterprises).
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