Digital Innovation in International Logistics

Digital Innovation in International Logistics

2022-11-25 11:29:06

In the era of information transparency, the core that freight forwarding enterprises should grasp in the transformation is to provide good service for the client group, namely, shippers, and determine their own competitive advantages so that this industry will not be eliminated. There are no obsolete industries, only obsolete enterprises.


How to deal with overwhelming digitalization for freight forwarding enterprises? It mainly has three steps:


The first step is to implement cloud service of operation system to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The second step is to define the digital service interface of the business and open the service. The third is to connect various portal platforms and realize diversified multi-channel business diversion.


The international logistics is in a dilemma where customers are scattered, individual demand is various and R & D resources of logistics service providers is in the period of stagnation. Logistics service providers are expected to build component architecture and open expansion interface and support flexible and secure third-party extension capability, in addition, they all need to provide training certification and audit system. At the same time, internal research and development is employed to meet the function demand of prompt customization based on open interface R&D.


The digital innovation of international logistics is mainly reflected in the following two aspects.


1.  Cloud computing


Cloud computing is a mass economy of trial and error over time. Shanghai Realhong International Logistics Co., LTD., on the basis of meeting global compliance and data residence requirements, can provide consulting services for enterprises going abroad. Realhong has a high-quality expert team with rich experience in international shipping services, relying on the company's strong hardware facilities and advanced electronic information system, the agency network covering more than 150 countries worldwide, to provide professional services for customers.


2.  Digital convergence


As is seen, technology companies have monopolized client data with constant innovation, whose direction of technology and capital is moving toward data centralization. Therefore, data is a strategic asset for every freight forwarding enterprise. The challenges of digital transformation mainly include four aspects: rapid response to the market, cost reduction and efficiency improvement to shorten the transportation cycle, continuous innovation to improve customer experience, and surging number of interactive transactions that require data to suport decisions. How to build a data-centric, open, secure and stable technology platform to support the standardization, service and ecology of the business level?


The data cloud platform is the core solution. To realize the closed-loop processing of data service: front-end data source collection, secure and extensible low-cost central storage, data processing and analysis, data presentation and reporting. Data cloud platform provides freight forwarding enterprises with data insight and decision support, as well as support for front-end business applications for settling and effectively utilizing data assets.


The current epidemic has an increasing impact on international trade, and the freight forwarding industry is under increasing pressure. Therefore, it is hoped that the Internet + international logistics supply chain can be realized through technological change, data connection and financial grafting. In a word, the Internet is not only a tool but also an idea. It has reconstructed people's way of life. Supply chain is not only a tool but also an idea which will restructure the business mode.

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