Explore the Future Development of 3PL

Explore the Future Development of 3PL

2022-11-25 11:51:58

In recent years, the e-commerce industry has been changing. With the introduction of new retail concepts, consumption upgrading and the rise of experiential shopping, e-commerce will enter the second half of the battle.


Facing the new market environment and different consumer demands, as the logistics support of e-commerce, how should the 3rd party logistics industry, reform in order to carry the flag of e-commerce in the second half of the storm?


Ⅰ. Background and development of 3PL


The origin of 3rd party logistics (3PL) in China can be traced back to the 1990s. With the process of globalization, the development of Internet technology, and the changes in the Chinese market environment, the 3rd party logistics idea was introduced into China, and some third-party logistics companies with rich warehousing logistics management experience and advanced management methods came into being.


Over the past two decades, the third-party logistics industry has maintained a relatively stable growth trend with its large-scale price advantage. From a spark of fire to a prairie fire. Especially in the past ten years, the vigorous development of e-commerce has brought massive business to 3rd party logistics (3PL), which has greatly promoted the rapid expansion of 3rd party logistics.


However, with the introduction of the concept of "new retail", consumers have put forward more requirements for shopping experience, and e-commerce has entered the second half of the battle.


Facing a new market environment and different consumer demands, the 3rd party logistics industry, which is the backing of e-commerce, is also facing severe challenges. Enterprises have to think about how to change in order to stand on the cusp of the storm.


Ⅱ.  Pain points of 3PL in e-commerce


As the link between merchants and consumers, 3rd party logistics companies face pressure from both sides.


1. As far as merchants are concerned, with the entry of e-commerce into the second half, the B2C market has gradually surpassed C2C to become the first, and e-commerce companies and platforms have paid more attention to the demands of consumers.


Since the logistics link is the top priority in online shopping, its timeliness, accuracy and its integrity are directly related to customer experience.


Merchants hope that 3rd party logistics companies can improve the quality of warehousing and logistics services and bring consumers a more perfect shopping experience, thereby improving consumers' satisfaction and loyalty to the platform, so they have higher requirements for 3rd party logistics companies.


2. As far as consumers are concerned, of course, they hope that the logistics service can be faster and more convenient, so as to get a better shopping experience and improve the shopping pleasure.


However, the current logistics service is still unsatisfactory, and consumers still often encounter problems such as poor delivery service, slow logistics speed and lack of loss.


Under the changing market environment, 3rd party logistics companies have to seriously think about how to improve their service quality in order to win the trust and satisfaction of customers and consumers.


Ⅲ. Informatization construction of 3PL


With the development of the social economy, the e-commerce model and consumer demand are constantly changing. When the price advantage is sharply reduced, the 3rd party logistics enterprises can only expand the market and increase the customer stickiness by continuously strengthening their own informatization construction and improving the level of warehousing and logistics services.


1. Lean warehouse management


As an important link in the logistics supply chain, warehousing has a great impact on the speed and accuracy of logistics. Therefore, if 3rd party logistics companies want to improve logistics services, they must first strengthen the lean management of warehousing.


2. Visual order tracking


In the logistics and distribution link, the application of WMS, OMS, TMS, BMS and other software can connect the entire logistics chain, realize the whole-process visual control of inventory and the whole-process tracking of orders, making logistics services more data-based and transparent, allowing consumers and merchants more secure.

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