How Can a Third Party Logistics Company Help You Solve Supply Chain Problems During the COVID-19?

How Can a Third Party Logistics Company Help You Solve Supply Chain Problems During the COVID-19?

2022-11-25 13:41:42

Ⅰ. The third party logistics company can help you solve supply chain problems during the COVID-19


Supply chain disruption caused by the pandemic is unprecedented. Many enterprises are facing to challenge of lacking critical tasks (Raw materials, product, or equipment) in operation. Due to the safety and security issues, there are many challenges in return to works, especially for small enterprises. The cost structure will change due to many factors, the most important thing for us is to get ready for everything brought by the new normal. Creating an area-based supply chain will provide different options for the changing market. The advantage of the third party logistics companies is to provide the customer the flexible warehousing and distribution solutions, to ensure the business can be flexible with the different market demands.


Ⅱ. What can third party logistics companies provide?


1. Staff: Usually there are many experienced staffs in the third party logistics companies that can provide the solutions to customers anytime. Training can be a challenge under the current circumstance, therefore the third party logistics companies can provide appropriate staff to you. They usually have proper training solutions to speed up the process., to ensure your supply chain can be in place quickly.


2. Available warehouse space: Usually there will be available warehouse space from the third party logistics and it is under their management. The third party logistics companies can modify the space based on the customer's specific requirements. Some third party logistics can provide customized warehouse space for specific goods, such as food-grade, medical authentication, or other dangerous goods in those markets. Usually, the third party logistics will have the warehouse in multiple locations, therefore they can provide flexible solutions to you. The third party logistics focus on reducing customers' total supply chain cost, so the flexible alternative solution is very important to your success. And for the perfect solution, it's better for you to choose reliable warehouse management services.


3. Transportation solution: The other advantage to cooperating with third party logistics companies is that they have a wide range of freight services, including the full carload, less-than-one carload, small packaging, and container transportation, which can achieve cost reduction in logistics management. Usually, the third party logistics will have owner-operator and exclusive lanes, which will be a great advantage when you constantly evaluate supply chain costs.


4. Technology: Technology and software can be very expensive. In general, third party logistics can use the warehouse management and transportation management system to optimize your freight cost and provide a better understanding of the model optimization. Third party logistics can provide a team to cooperate together with visibility to your supply chain, in order to achieve the cost savings, as well as the comprehensive report for planning purposes.


5. Supply chain strategy: Third party logistics can provide guidance when you cooperate with them, to ensure the safety of your supply chain and focus on your purpose. Not only for the current circumstance but also for the future. In the final analysis, third party logistics companies can enable you to respond to the different market conditions or pandemics and the other unforeseen interruptions quickly and accurately, meanwhile, they can keep your supply chain operating.

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