How does Technology Change the Future of Logistics?

How does Technology Change the Future of Logistics?

2022-11-25 09:39:24

With the rapid development of science and technology, modern society has entered the era of Industry 4.0 and wisdom logistics has become the future development trend. What technologies will revolutionize the logistics industry in the future?


1.  5G

After the popularization of 5G network, the collection, uploading and interaction of information and data in logistics industry can complete analysis and integration more quickly, ushering in the new mode of Internet of Things (IOT) +AI. The integration of 5G with IOT, big data and artificial intelligence will also completely change the existing operation mode and better play the role of digital logistics supply chain.


2.  IOT

The IOT will accelerate wisdom logistics, help logistics managers understand the in-transit situation, geofence and other information timely to achieve visualization, automation and intelligence of freight, and optimize the performance monitoring of delivery process and results, reducing logistics costs and enhancing resource utilization efficiency and transport safety level.


3. Artificial intelligence

Plenty of elaborate and repetitive tasks bring huge operation pressure to global logistics enterprise. It's no need to make delivery machines, scanners, artificial processing equipment and staff sort out but take advantage of the intelligent robots for 24-hour operation to adapt to the rising order pressure, helping enterprise save time and improve the working accuracy.


4. Intelligent voice

With the improvement of intelligent voice technology, there are more and more public facilities that can speak. In the future, every logistics space will have at least one voice interaction contact, which can accurately identify customer needs, solve communication problems in the process of ordering, inquiring and consulting, and feed back to management/service providers, greatly improving logistics efficiency.


5. Big data and cloud computing

There has been continuous application of new technology in logistics in recent years which need larger data support. The high performance of big data and cloud computing, such as tens of billions of data second response and distributed memory computing, can obtain data anytime and anywhere from multiple terminals, which effectively improves enterprise database storage and service capabilities, and meets the needs of large-scale data storage, real-time computing and application architecture innovation of enterprises.

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