How to Choose the Right Logistics Transportation Service?

How to Choose the Right Logistics Transportation Service?

2022-11-25 11:38:13

Features vary among the five transportation methods such as railway, highway, waterway, air, pipeline, also they have their different scope of application. According to different transport requirements, a reasonable choice of logistics transport services can not only improve efficiency and reduce costs, but also serve as the ultimate goal of logistics transport services, and the basic requirements of reasonable transport.


The choice of logistics transportation service mainly considers three aspects: 

The choice of transportation method, the choice of transportation route and the delivery volume.

1. The choice of transportation method mainly considers delivery speed, delivery frequency, delivery reliability, carrying capacity and transportation cost, as well as the availability of different transportation method.


2. Selection of the transportation route mainly considers that the transportation route can ensure the timely transportation of goods to customers. Also, the timely delivery can be achieved, the ordering cycle can be shortened, the occurrence of inventory shortage can be reduced, achieving a higher quality of service, reducing manufacturers' transportation costs, and ensuring that large users get better service. This is a factor that should consider for a lead logistics provider.


3. The delivery batch mainly consider the reduced transportation cost. In general, users are welcome to the small delivery in batches, while the manufacturers would like to deliver in a large number, because they can get discount on the freight, such as the freight will be lower if there is full-car load both from railway transportation and highway transportation.


Selection of the combined logistics transportation services:

The choice transportation method is not limited to a single means, and a reasonable combination of multiple methods of transportion to undertake the task of logistics transport will be faster and of less risk than a single transportation method. This combination is known as "multi-transport". The combination of railway transportation and road transportation is most widely used by enterprises and individuals. The second is the combination of road transport and water transport. Such "combined transportation" can improve the efficiency of logistics transport, reduce transport costs, so that the entire transport system in all links can coordinate orderly to achieve the goal of reasonable transportation.

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