How to Play the Important Role of Transportation Management in Logistics?

How to Play the Important Role of Transportation Management in Logistics?

2022-11-25 13:57:30

Ⅰ. Introduction to transportation management in logistics

Logistics transportation is an important link in the supply chain. All goods circulating in the supply chain are achieved by logistics. Logistics transportation needs to be undertaken in all links. The transportation efficiency and quality of goods also affect other links in the supply chain. The safety management of the logistics industry, and the logistics and transportation operation standards are all need to be improved for better transportation management in logistics.


Because transportation management in logistics involves many people and a wide range, many people in charge of management are not experts in logistics and transportation. Therefore, for transportation management in logistics, it is necessary to do some researches for better management.


Ⅱ. How to play the role of transportation management in logistics?

1. Personnel management


The main undertaker in logistics transportation is the staff. Every car and every piece of cargo needs someone to follow up and execute it. In larger logistics transportation, there are correspondingly more personnel, a large space span, and more difficult to control. For transportation management in logistics, it is necessary to have corresponding training and guidance for the staff, strengthen the corresponding knowledge and ability of logistics and transportation, and listen to the opinions and ideas of the staff.


2. Vehicle management


Vehicles are the carrier that undertakes transportation management in logistics. Everyone knows the importance of vehicle management, and vehicles need to be safe and stable in the process of transportation to ensure that goods can run in the supply chain. This requires the maintenance of the vehicle to avoid accidents during the work process. After long-distance operations, the vehicle must be inspected and maintained to ensure safety.


3. Safety management


The safety of transportation involves all aspects, every department and every person. It is the responsibility of the maintenance department if the braking system of the vehicle is not good and the accident is the responsibility of the maintenance department. The driver is too tired because the scheduling is not arranged. The safety management of the fleet is the management of all employees. The control points must be distributed to all departments and links. Qualified managers must strengthen safety education through various channels and various forms.

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