Is Logistics the Same As the Ordinary Transportation Industry?

Is Logistics the Same As the Ordinary Transportation Industry?

2022-11-25 13:57:54

1. Are transport and logistics the same?

Are transport and logistics the same? In fact, the two are not the same concept at all. Please don't confuse these two concepts. All transport means to transport a cargo from one place to another. This is only part of the services provided by the logistics industry. But the logistics industry provides many more services. In addition to transport, these goods can also be stored. After they are transported to the place of funds, they can also be loaded and unloaded. The logistics company has dedicated porters. 


In addition, some logistics companies can also pack these goods. In the process of goods circulation, simple processing may be involved. Many logistics companies have now established their own distribution teams for logistical distribution services. In addition, In the logistics industry, there is a lot of information to be processed every day, including orders placed by customers and vehicle deployment. Therefore, the logistics industry is an organic industry, which is not as simple as transportation. So please understand what are transport and logistics.


2. The difference between transport and logistics

Transportation is a single job, while logistics is very comprehensive. Transportation is a part of logistics work. In our lives, we see that many logistics companies transport goods from one place to another another place, and people may think that a logistics company is a transportation company, but in fact the two are not the same. Simple transportation is just an activity, and this activity will not produce any actual value, but the logistics will produce real value, because logistics is to move a commodity from one place to another, and this commodity also needs to provide storage services midway, then this has the value of storage, after these commodities are transported to logistics distribution center, simple processing may be carried out. Then there will be value for workers to process. These commodities may need to be distributed in the logistics distribution center, so the provision of distribution services will also generate value.

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