Issues That Should Be Paid Attention to in Ocean LCL Shipping

Issues That Should Be Paid Attention to in Ocean LCL Shipping

2022-11-25 13:50:23

With the rapid development of international trade and the continuous extension of transportation services, LCL shipping of containers has been widely adopted, but LCL shipping is different from FCL shipping. Its transportation requirements have its particularity and independence. It will now be in actual operation. Some problems encountered in the process are raised here and discussed with everyone.


1. What is ocean LCL shipping?


LCL shipping (less than container load, LCL) means that the carrier (or agent) accepts the cargo owner's consignment of less than the full container of small tickets, and sorts them according to the nature of the cargo and the destination. Consolidate the goods to the same destination into a certain number and pack them into boxes. Since there are different cargo owners' goods assembled together in a box, it is called LCL. This situation is used when the consignor's consignment quantity is insufficient to fill the entire container. The classification, sorting, concentration, packing (unpacking) and delivery of LCL cargo are all carried out at the carrier's terminal container freight station or inland container transfer station.


2. What are the types of maritime LCL shipping services?


Ocean LCL shipping can be divided into direct consolidation or transfer consolidation. Direct consolidation means that the goods in the LCL container are loaded and unloaded at the same port, and the goods are not unpacked before the goods arrive at the destination port, that is, the goods are in the same unloading port. This type of ocean LCL shipping service has a short delivery period and is convenient and fast. Generally, powerful LCL companies will only provide such services. Transshipment refers to goods that are not in the same port of destination and need to be unpacked and unloaded or transshipped in the middle of the container. Due to factors such as different destination ports and long waiting time for such goods, the shipping period is long, and the freight for such LCL shipping is relatively high.


LCL cargo generally cannot accept the designation of a specific shipping company. Shipping companies only accept FCL cargo bookings, not directly accept LCL cargo bookings, only through freight forwarders (individual powerful shipping companies use their logistics companies) Only after the consolidation of LCL cargo can be booked with shipping companies, almost all LCL cargoes are transported through the "centralized consignment and centralized distribution" of freight forwarding companies. The LCL distribution port in East China is basically Shanghai port. General freight forwarders can only book space from a few shipping companies due to the limitation of cargo sources, and they rarely meet the needs of designated shipping companies. Therefore, when transacting LCL cargo, try not to accept designated shipping companies so as not to meet the requirements when handling the consignment.

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