sea freight china to malaysia

sea freight china to malaysia

2022-10-15 14:32:22

How long does it take to ship to your door in Malaysia? How long does it take for China to ship to Malaysia for customs clearance? It is a problem that many shippers are very concerned about! Shipping from China to Malaysia generally takes 12-15 days to arrive at the destination of users in Malaysia, and the shipping part alone takes about 4-5 days. The delivery time from port to port, the longest stay time at the cross-strait checkpoint, the time of import and export, this time point is uncontrollable, and sometimes the customs clearance will be smooth in 1-2 days or earlier. It will be released under certain circumstances, and sometimes strict inspection will lead to a longer release time, depending on the time of customs release, but normally it only takes 12-15 work to get to the door.




The shipping process and operation services


  1. Consultation: After the items to be shipped are ready and the planned time to be shipped is determined, please contact us 10 to 15 days in advance for confirmation.


  1. Entrustment: Sign the contract in advance, declare insurance, and our company will provide a detailed list template and related customs clearance documents to fill in. After confirming the shipping date, please notify us 2 days in advance, then we will arrange customs declaration, booking, customs inspection, loading into containers, shipping, and other matters.


  1. Packaging: We will advise customers whether to strengthen the packaging according to the goods, such as pallets, wooden frames, wooden boxes, etc. (with the cost of production)


  1. Business operations (customs declaration, inspection declaration, booking space, arranging shipment, etc.)


The port of departure operation generally takes 3-5 working days. Please consult and handle the entrusted transportation in advance according to the specific situation of the consignment. After the packaging is completed, we will handle the whole process of customs declaration, inspection, sea/airport operations, arranging sea or air transportation, issuing transportation documents, and other related work.


  1. Pick up at destination port


Door-to-port transportation, the goods arrive at the destination port, the consignee picks up the goods by himself, we will provide you with consultation and advice.


Door-to-door transportation, the goods arrive at the destination port, our long-term cooperative agent will get in touch with you, and assist you in changing orders, customs clearance, and arranging door-to-door delivery.


Several value-added services


  1. The goods are free to enter the warehouse, regardless of the size of the goods, Taobao Express will be collected on their behalf of them.


  1. The goods are stored for one month free of charge, and the long storage period allows you to have more time for stocking.


  1. Freely check whether the goods with fragile items are in good condition, take pictures, power on for trial, etc.


  1. Help strengthen the outer packaging, wooden frame/150RMB, wooden box/450RMB, carton 15RMB/pc.


  1. Provide a system to check the arrival and shipment of goods in the warehouse, track the whole process, and have no worries.


Shipping Tips


  1. It is forbidden to transport liquids, powders, and other things that are prohibited by the International Transport Association.


  1. Fragile products should be well packaged, and no compensation will be included for damage during transportation.


  1. It takes about 15-18 days for bulk cargo to arrive at the door from the time the goods are loaded into the container; the whole container arrives at the door about two days faster than the bulk cargo from the time the cargo is loaded into the container, with stable aging and one shift per week.


  1. Before the goods arrive in Malaysia, they will contact you by phone to confirm the delivery time. If there is something that cannot be received, please explain in advance to avoid the cost of secondary delivery.
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