sea freight from china to philippines

sea freight from china to philippines

2022-10-15 14:46:13

There are two main forms of shipping from China to the Philippines: LCL and FCL. The following are the services from these two channels to the Philippines.




Door-to-door service of shipping FCL to the Philippines


  1. Loading in the container warehouse: Generally, goods in this form are moving goods. After shopping on Taobao, 1688, and other shopping platforms, they are concentrated in the container warehouse and then shipped in a whole container.


When the customer understands the price and service, we will first give the customer a unique warehousing mark and the address of our warehouse, which is convenient for the customer to purchase from different places, and let the seller send the goods to our warehouse.


The customer knows what goods are purchased, the name of the goods, the number of pieces, and the PI. After the seller sends the goods to our warehouse, the information will be fed back to the customer. At the same time, the goods received by our warehouse are consistent with the customer's purchase list. Whenever the warehouse receives the goods, they will be entered into the system. The customer checks our system in the Philippines. After receiving the goods, the number of pieces, weight, and volume, until all the goods have arrived. After confirming that everything is correct, select the container of the appropriate size through the volume and weight of the arrangement, then book the space, arrange the trailer, load the container, and ship it by sea. This process is called FCL.


FCL is mainly aimed at customers who shop online, and the products they need are not in the same store so customers can choose from a variety of shopping channels, not just one store.


  1. The second form is that there is no limit to the address of the container, as long as the trailer can reach the container can be arranged.


This is mainly shopping in a factory, and then going to the designated address for loading. The difference between them is that the cost of the latter will be more expensive than that of the former, because the cost of shipping at other ports is relatively high, such as sea freight, trailer customs fees, etc. Other costs are to be confirmed according to the specific list and shipping address. There are also advantages to loading the goods at the designated address of the factory, you only need to arrange the trailer and the cabinet to load the goods, and there is no need to mail them elsewhere.


Door-to-door service of shipping LCL to the Philippines


When the cargo volume is less than 20 cubic meters, more than 30 cubic meters, and less than 50 cubic meters, you can choose the service of LCL by sea, which is more cost-effective.


LCL can directly reach Manila, Cebu, Davao, and other cities in the Philippines. LCL is mainly based on cubic bills, including customs clearance and tax, and the minimum consumption is based on one cubic meter.


Bulk cargo is loaded into containers every day, and there are shipping schedules every week. It generally takes about 5-7 days to sail to Manila, and then clear customs. Arrangement of delivery, there are two options: truck delivery and self-pickup. Delivery by truck can be completed on the same day.


How does the process work?


①: Warehousing of goods: Customers can buy in physical stores or online, and after purchase, they will be delivered to our warehouse through domestic logistics


②: Arrange the goods: After the goods arrive, check the goods information according to the customer's goods list and order number.


③: Cargo out of warehouse: According to the shipping company's shipping schedule, arrange cargo loading, customs declaration, and container export by sea


④: The goods arrive at the port of destination: our company will assist in handling all kinds of customs clearance documents and arrange customs clearance of the goods.


⑤: Delivery of goods: After the customs release, drag the container to the warehouse to dismantle the container, make an appointment with the recipient by phone for the delivery time, and deliver it to your home.


For more information about sea freight from china to Philippines, welcome to contact us.

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