The Characteristics and Advantages of Smart Logistics Transportation

The Characteristics and Advantages of Smart Logistics Transportation

2022-11-25 13:51:17

Ⅰ. What does smart logistics transportation mean?


Smart logistics transportation actually refers to the improvement of the logistics transportation system's ability to analyze decision-making and intelligent execution through intelligent hardware, Internet of Things, and big data and other intelligent technologies and means, and to improve the intelligence and automation level of the entire logistics transportation system. So what are the characteristics and advantages of smart logistics transportation?


Ⅱ. What are the characteristics and advantages of smart logistics transportation


1. Reduce logistics costs and increase corporate profits


Smart logistics transportation can greatly reduce the cost of various industries such as manufacturing and logistics transportation, and increase the profits of production enterprises on the ground. Moreover, through the cooperation of all parties, smart logistics transportation is used for mutual cooperation and information sharing, so intelligent dispatch management of logistics transportation and integration of core logistics business processes can be effectively realized.


2. Accelerate the development of the logistics industry and become the information technology support of the logistics industry


The construction of smart logistics transportation will accelerate the development of the local logistics transportation industry. Smart logistics transportation integrates logistics transportation warehousing, logistics transportation, cargo distribution, logistics transportation information services and other functions in one, breaking the restrictions of the logistics transportation industry, coordinating the interests of various departments, achieving intensive and efficient operation management, and optimizing the allocation of social logistics and transportation resources. At the same time, it integrates logistics and transportation enterprises, and centralizes the processing of the logistics and transportation resources that were scattered in multiple places in the past to give play to the advantages of the whole and the scale.

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