The Relationship and Characteristics of Cross-border Logistics and Cross-border E-commerce

The Relationship and Characteristics of Cross-border Logistics and Cross-border E-commerce

2022-11-25 13:40:34

Ⅰ. The cross-border e-commerce and cross border logistics have a synergistic relationship


Cross-border e-commerce is a type of the international business activities that transaction subjects in different tariff countries or regions make the payment and settlement through e-commerce platforms, then distribute goods to complete transactions through cross-border logistics.


Cross-border e-commerce is highly related with the cross-border logistics, there is a long-term stable equilibrium relationship and mutual granger causality between them. In the long term, The relationship between cross-border e-commerce and cross-border logistics is mainly manifested as mutual positive promoting effect as well as the certain mutual inhibition competition. The long-term dependence of cross-border e-commerce on cross-border logistics is stronger than the other way around. The factors affecting the synergy between cross-border e-commerce and cross-border logistics is synergy environment, synergy mechanism, synergy relationship, synergy ability, synergy willingness, individual characteristics and synergy expectation, etc.


Ⅱ. Characteristic of the cross border logistics


E-commerce cross border logistics has the following characteristics: rapid response, function integration, operation standardization, electronic information, and service systemization. Compared with domestic logistics, e-commerce cross-border logistics has the characteristics of broadness, internationality, high risk, high technology, and complexity.


Ⅲ. Tips of the cross border logistics


1. You need to do the research before you choose one of supply chain logistics companies to ensure you use every free available resource you can find. If you choose professional company of cross-border logistics, they can provide online shipping and border clearance requirements


2. Recording the paperwork. One of the main reason to cause the border clearance delay is missing documents and incomplete documents. Therefore, the shipper need to make sure they have filled up all the documents and consulted with their agent in advance.


3. Considering the insurance. During cross-border logistics, please kindly consider to cover the insurance of your high value or fragile goods to ship.


4. Keeping the records. For example, the Canada Border Services Agency recommends to keep your import and export records for six years.


5. Using credit service. Using an experienced cross-border transport service between the countries you want to cross, preferably with the assistance of a agent.


6. Extended the transport time is allowed in cross-border logistics. For example. In the winter season, please ship your goods several days in advance as much as possible to avoid the delay.


7. In the end, we recommend you to discuss the round-trip transportation with the service provider before the cross-border logistics ship the goods, therefore you can fully understand the shipping times and service expectations and resolve any issues they may encounter.

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