The Superiority of Container Freight Transportation

The Superiority of Container Freight Transportation

2022-11-25 11:37:32

Features of container freight transportation

From the perspective of the container itself:

1. Steel structure, strong and durable, and it can be used repeatedly for a long time.

2. Standard specifications. It can be stacked on the port and ship, saving a lot of space.

3. Large capacity, multiple categories, multiple functions, and various types of goods.

4. Reduce the cost of packaging, transportation and loading and unloading of goods.


Externalities of container application:

5. Formulate standards and unify the industry transport standards.

6. Promote the reform of ship types and loading and unloading machinery.

7. Improve loading and unloading efficiency and speed up vehicle and ship turnover.

8. Promote new employment and create new jobs.

9. An important symbol of port modernization and internationalization.

Superiority of container freight transportation

1. Ensure the safety of the goods. Due to the implementation of "door to door" transport of containers, the goods has been in the original loading state from they are packed into warehouse by shipper to they arrive the warehouse of the receiver in the destination port. There is no problem of goods moving in reverse direction halfway, and the use of machinery during loading and unloading operations greatly reduces the damage caused by manual handling of goods.


2. Save packing costs. Due to the implementation of "door to door" transportation in containers, many goods can be removed from packaging to unpacked or simplified packaging into containers, thus reducing packaging materials and costs. Such as some goods are wrapped with wooden box originally no longer needs them after the application of container, reducing the cost and numerous wood.


3. Improve loading and unloading efficiency. Container loading and unloading are mechanized operations with great efficiency, so manual handling cannot be compared. Simplified freight procedures, and make railway freight transport more efficient. Each piece of goods need two tickets, and they need to be counted one by one. When applying container freight transportation, the small goods are put in large boxes with two tickets on each box. The handover will be made through vessel seal, so the inspection and inventory will be easy, greatly improving efficiency.


4. Accelerate capital turnover. 

Due to its priority, the good in container can be processed, assembled, put in port and cars first, so the container freight transportation is fast. It can supply the market in time, which acceleartes capital turnover. 


5. Containers can be accepted and delivered in the open space, which can solve the problem of insufficient warehouse in some stations, improve the loading and unloading efficiency of vehicles, and accelerate the turnover time of vehicles, etc.

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