Third-party Logistics and Its Development

Third-party Logistics and Its Development

2022-11-25 13:47:21

1. Understand the third-party logistics


With the changes in the production and operation methods of modern enterprises and the changes in external market conditions, third-party logistics, this form of logistics, has begun to attract people's attention and show great interest in it. Enterprises that provide third-party logistics services generally have their predecessors engaged in logistics activities and related industries such as transportation and warehousing.


Enterprises engaged in third-party logistics services, driven by the logistics needs of the client, have shifted from simple storage, transportation and other single activities to providing comprehensive logistics services, including the organization, coordination and management of logistics activities, design and suggestion of optimal logistics solutions, Information collection and management of the entire logistics process. At present, the concept of third-party logistics has been widely accepted by the circulation industry.


2. The market status of the third-party logistics market


3rd-party logistics is a service provided by middlemen in the logistics channels. The middlemen provide all or part of the logistics services required by the enterprise within a certain period of time in the form of contracts. A third-party logistics provider is a logistics services company that manages, controls, and provides logistics service operations for external customers. The third-party logistics does not occupy a place in the product supply chain. It is only a third party, but it serves product supply chain by providing a complete set of logistics activities.


3. The development of the 3rd party logistics


The development of the third-party logistics industry is undoubtedly an important way to promote the rationalization and efficiency of enterprise logistics activities, and thereby improve the rationalization of the entire social logistics. Especially in today's information age, the application of advanced information technology and network technology to logistics management will greatly promote the development of the logistics industry, and the third-party logistics industry has broad development prospects.

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