What Are the Complexities of Cross Border Logistics?

What Are the Complexities of Cross Border Logistics?

2022-11-25 11:50:38

Cross border logistics has always been a difficulty for sellers of cross border e-commerce, but cross border logistics is an indispensable part of cross border e-commerce. Some people say that cross border e-commerce logistics is a hundred times more complicated than Chinese express. How complicated is the cross border logistics?


1. Freight in cross border logistics


In China's e-commerce, the buyer does not need to pay the freight, which is afforded by the seller. In cross border e-commerce, the freight of the goods is basically paid by the buyer.


However, long-distance fees and high-risk area fees should be noted, and if an order is generated, the seller must discuss with the buyer who is responsible for import export logistics fees.


2. Information of cross border logistics


China's logistics information can be seen in real time, and the exchange of logistics information is highly efficient. However, since international express is transported and circulated between different countries, English or minority languages are commonly used, and the issue of time difference also should be considered.


From the tracked import export logistics information, we only know whether it has reached the destination country and the expected delivery time, but the specific cargo transportation details are not very clear. Besides, the transportation time is long, and it is also easy to lose the package.


3. Tax in cross border logistics


In China express, tax issues are not a problem. Buyers don't need to do other things after placing an order and waiting for express delivery, but international express involves various tax issues, such as customs duties and value-added tax.


Since each country has different customs and policies, exports to each country need to follow the policies of the destination country. And customs clearance is carried out by the recipient. If the local customs does not allow the goods to pass through, cross border logistics tariffs will occur, and the recipient needs to pay the tax for customs clearance.


If the amount is large, the consignee may not go to customs clearance and choose not to have the goods. The goods stranded in the customs have become a problem for the consignor.


If it is returned, it will lead to a high return rate, and the goods stranded in the customs have become a problem for the sender. If it is returned, a high return shipping fee will be incurred.


If the goods are not returned and the recipient is unwilling to go to customs clearance, the goods can only by destroyed. And use some channels to destroy the goods also need money.


4. Types of goods in cross border logistics


There are clear laws and regulations on the types of goods that are not allowed to be imported in various countries, and products that are prohibited from being imported cannot be shipped at all. There are also some special products, such as charged magnetic, liquid, health care products, food, solid, skin care products and so on.


In China, as long as you have a certificate from the Industry and Commerce Bureau, you can send things through cross border logistics. In foreign countries, if you want to send these products, you need various certificates.

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