What Are the International Air Freight Charges?

What Are the International Air Freight Charges?

2022-11-25 11:47:44

The most commonly known cost in international air transportation is air freight, that is, the air transportation cost charged by the carrier to transport a shipment of goods from the airport of origin to the airport of destination.


In addition, there will be "miscellaneous fees". So, what other fees are included in our air freight? Let me briefly introduce it to you today.


Ⅰ. International air cargo freight rates surcharge


1. Air cargo fuel surcharge: In recent years, due to the rising international fuel prices, carriers have begun to charge fuel surcharges. The calculation formula is: cargo fuel surcharge = cargo weight * fuel surcharge.


2. Air Cargo Safety Surcharge: Since the terrorist incident that occurred in the United States on September 11, 2001 by using civil aviation passenger planes, various carriers have successively formulated a series of safety transportation measures and the security surcharge for air cargo freight rates is charged.


Calculation formula: air cargo security surcharge = gross weight of cargo * cargo security surcharge rate.


3. Cargo declared value surcharge: According to TACT RULES 3.2, the cargo declared value surcharge is 0.75% of the value of the excess of 17 special drawing rights per kilogram of gross weight.


To calculate the declared value surcharge, the value per kilogram or pound must be calculated by dividing the value declared by the shipper by the gross weight of the shipment.


Ⅱ. International air cargo freight rates inspection fee


1. Live animal collection and inspection fee: refers to the inspection and handling fee charged by the shipper for a live animal, which is filled in the "Other Charges" column of the waybill, codenamed LAC.


2. Dangerous goods collection and transportation inspection fee: It is applicable to the inspection and handling of dangerous goods collected from the shipper when the shipper declares that the dangerous goods are transported in accordance with the dangerous goods transportation regulations.


Different countries or regions charge different inspection fees for dangerous goods, please refer to TACT RULES 4.5 for details.


Ⅲ. Waybill fee for air cargo freight rates


When the carrier or its agent fills out the waybill, it shall charge the shipper the waybill fee (including the cost of making the waybill), and the waybill fee shall be filled in the "Other Expenses" column of the consignment receipt, expressed as AWC or AWA, Respectively represent collected by the carrier or its agent.


The general international air freight price is $15, and the freight bill is different in different countries or regions. Please refer to TACT RULES4.4.


Ⅳ. Return handling fee for air freight


Return handling fee refers to the handling fee that should be paid to the carrier when the shipper returns the goods.


Ⅴ. Advances on behalf of air freight and handling fees for advances on behalf of others


1. Advance payment: It is a service provided for other expenses incurred by the goods at the originating station and charged at the destination station. These expenses are limited to the transportation of goods before the transportation at the originating station indicated on the waybill, Expenses for operations and documentation, etc.


2. Handling fee for advance payment: it is the air freight handling fee charged by the final carrier to the consignee or its agent except the amount of advance payment.

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