What is Pallet Freight Service? What Should I Pay Attention To?

What is Pallet Freight Service? What Should I Pay Attention To?

2022-11-25 13:45:17

As we all know, the logistics can be divided into many kinds of types. And different logistics has various limits, principles and calculation methods. Pallet freight services is one of the goods logistics. Pallet freight services are usually for unit supplies and small quantities of items. So what is the pallet freight services? What should we pay attention to during pallet freight services?


Ⅰ. Know pallet freight services


Pallets are horizontal platform devices used for handling, stacking, assembling and transporting goods ,which placed as unit loads. They are generally made of fiber, metal and wood. And they are easy to load, unload and handle unit materials and small quantities of materials.


Ⅱ. The pallets of pallet freight services


Pallets for freight services are generally provided by the supplier ,and they are delivered to the consignee together with the goods. Some pallets of freight services are provided by the carrier, and the goods are packed on pallets at the loading ground, and then the goods are loaded on the transport with pallets. When the consignee picks up the goods at the unloading ground, the pallets are picked up together, and the empty pallets are returned within the specified time.


Ⅲ. The attention points of pallet freight services


Precautions for pallet freight services:

1. Packing miscellaneous goods is suitable for pallet freight services .But cold storage, super long overweight or bare bulk can not be used for pallet freight services.

2. Each pallet must be tied securely.

3.International freight on the pallet itself is free of freight.

4. The words pallet transport must be indicated on all transport documents. 5.All must comply with the pallet loading regulations.

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