What is the Difference Between Chinese Logistics and Cross Border Logistics?

What is the Difference Between Chinese Logistics and Cross Border Logistics?

2022-11-25 11:50:10

Although both cross border logistics and Chinese e-commerce logistics are called "express", the two are very different. Many shippers do not understand the difference between them. They often ask "can I use YTO Express to deliver goods to Africa?" What a ridiculous question.


Ⅰ. The transportation environment of Chinese logistics and cross border logistics is different


Cross border logistics can be said to be a natural extension of China's logistics, and it is oriented to various countries and regions around the world, such as logistics between China and Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa. While express service in China is only for logistics between Chinese cities and cities, regions and regions.


There is no tax problem in express service in China, and basically buyers don't need to pay postage, but cross border logistics is different, which will involve tariff issues. Exports to the destination country should follow the policy of the destination country.


Ⅱ. Transportation methods of Chinese logistics and cross border logistics are different


Express service in China generally uses lorries, trucks, and trains, while cross border logistics requires sea and air transportation, and requires transit.


Ⅲ. The types of goods transported by Chinese logistics and cross border logistics are different


International logistics has very strict requirements on goods, with special control on magnetoelectric products, liquid, health care products, etc., which require a variety of documents to prove; while in terms of China logistics, basically any goods can be delivered, and the requirements are not strict.


Ⅳ. The service procedures of land transportation with container for cross border export logistics from mainland China to Hong Kong


(1) Booking cargo space in Hong Kong. The owner or consignee orders space from the shipping company at the Hong Kong terminal.


(2) Switch bill of lading in Hong Kong. Arrange the staff to go to the shipping company to make an order in exchange for the bill of lading.


(3) Pick up containers. The driver drove the container truck to the designated yard of the shipping company to pick up the container.


(4) Clearance of empty containers. The driver drives the export logistics through the Hong Kong customs and the mainland customs.


(5) Loading. After passing through the mainland customs, the driver will directly go to the customer's designated location in mainland China to load the goods.


(6) Customs declaration. The export enterprise entrusts the customs broker to declare the customs declaration or declares the export declaration directly to the mainland customs (the main freight land transportation ports to Hong Kong are Huanggang Port, Man Kam To Port, Shenzhen Bay Port and Liantang Port which will be opened soon)


(7) Permit through. The customs receives the data and makes instructions of permit through, and the driver receives the customs declaration information and bundles it to clear the customs.


(8) Return the container. After the driver clears the container, he will directly return the container to the Hong Kong terminal yard designated by the shipping company for export logistics.


(9) Send shipping order. After the driver returns the container, the consignor or the consignee provides the ONEPORT number, and the company will upload the return information to the ONEPORT number.


(10) Customs clearance in Hong Kong.


(11) Payment. According to the cooperation agreement, cash settlement, weekly settlement, monthly settlement and other services are provided for you.

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