Why Do You Need Pallet Freight Services?

Why Do You Need Pallet Freight Services?

2022-11-25 11:55:31

Ⅰ. About pallet freight services


Pallet freight service is a mode of transportation in which goods are combined into a transport unit on a standard pallet according to certain requirements, facilitating loading and unloading, consignment, and stacking by forklift or pallet lift is a type of group transportation. A pallet (pallet) is a horizontal platform device unit for loading goods and products used for assembling, stacking, handling and transporting goods. It is a loading and unloading pallet consisting of a load surface that can carry several items and forklift sockets. It is the most inconspicuous yet ubiquitous logistics apparatus in the logistics industry and is the main means of transforming static goods into dynamic goods.


The pallets applied in transportation are mainly wooden, plastic pallets, steel pallets, composite pallets, paper pallets, etc. Pallet freight service is widely used in refractory bricks, tobacco, food, building materials, chemicals, ports, docks of warehousing logistics, and distribution logistics. Suppose you consider from the perspective of project investment income. In that case, the initial stage of the promotion of pallet freight service may be uneconomical. Still, with the innovation of pallet freight service technology and changes in enterprises' production and packaging mode, the economies of scale of pallet freight service will gradually appear. Moreover, the pallet freight services improve the efficiency of field station operations, alleviate the shortage of loading and unloading labor, improve vehicle turnover, protect the safety of loading and unloading operations, and have important significance.


Ⅱ. Why do you need pallet freight services?


1. Improve the efficiency of cargo handling and loading: It is conducive to solving the problem of indiscriminate throwing of goods, eliminating distribution and other aspects of brutal operations, and improving the quality of logistics services. At the same time, the loading and unloading, handling, and stacking of pallet cargo can be operated by forklift, which can significantly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading and handling, shorten cargo movement time and reduce labor intensity. Pallet freight service is imaginatively known in the logistics industry as "mobile ground, the activity of the platform," in the whole logistics system activities, pallet freight service plays a huge role.


2. Easy to manage goods, reduce the loss of goods: in the warehousing process using pallets to store goods, easy to use the goods high-level stacking code, using high-level shelves to store goods, can realize three-dimensional, mechanized, automated storage. As a transport unit, the less number of pieces of goods become, the larger volume and weight become, and each pallet contains an equal number of both the number of goods to facilitate the number of counts and the handling of goods handover, but also to reduce the loss of cargo accidents. Therefore, the pallet freight service has become one of the important organizational formations of group transportation.


3. The investment is relatively small. The results are relatively fast: compared with the container, the investment cost of the pallet is relatively low, the time of the return of funds is also shorter, so the results are also fast.

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