Chemicals Logistics Transportation

Chemicals Logistics Transportation

In this challenging industry, the breadth and depth of abilities, resources and professional skills of Realhong have won the recognition of logistics partners in the chemical transportation industry.

Realhong has many years of professional experience and extensive chemical logistics services, which is unmatched by other logistics experts. We can handle the entire chemical supply chain, from importing raw materials through different modes of transportation including customs clearance to the concept of warehousing of hazardous substances and distribution services, and even the export business of our customers' chemical products. 

Our range of solutions, including the chemicals shipping service of ethylene oxide transportation, sulfuric acid transportation and hydrofluoric acid transportation,  is complemented by value-added solutions. In addition, in our chemical transportation logistics, we have also reached a standardized level in terms of quality, environment, health and safety.

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Chemical Logistics Solutions

Realhong provides tailor-made transportation and integrated logistics solutions for chemical logistics, always following the highest quality and service requirements of each sub-industry from fine chemicals to consumer products. If you need chemical freight services, Realhong can help chemical industry companies to do shipping chemicals overseas.

Our chemicals shipping team has high expertise in the management of chemical products and has conducted continuous training on dangerous goods and chemical shipping regulations, which will meet your company's requirements for a safe and reliable supply chain: special equipment and chemical transportation methods for dangerous goods.

Chemical Logistics Companies

Chemicals Transportation Freight Services Trends

With the rapid development of the economy, the chemicals logistics industry shows five major development trends.

  • The chemicals transportation of dangerous goods is increasing at an annual rate of 10%.

  • The chemicals transportation management of hazardous chemicals has become more stringent.

  • The quality of chemicals transportation personnel has improved.

  • The rescue equipment of chemicals transportation is upgraded.

  • The management of transportation vehicles has been strengthened.

Chemical Shipping Regulations

In the process of chemical transportation, special attention should be paid to related processes and chemical shipping regulations:

1. Some dangerous goods must be operated in accordance with relevant regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods.

2. The packaging must be secure and the label must be affixed.

3. During the packing process, try to avoid open flames and high temperatures, which can effectively prevent the explosion and volatilization of chemicals and protect the safety and health of personnel.

4. When choosing a chemical transport container, you also need to check the container specially. For example, whether there are cracks, or whether the door can be closed tightly, etc.

5. Special attention should be paid to the international transportation of chemicals. All the goods must be placed in the container, and there should be no cases where the door cannot be closed or cannot be sealed.

Chemicals Transport

Why Choose Realhong for your Chemicals Shipping

Hazardous chemicals generally have special physical and chemical properties, and corresponding chemical shipping regulations must be followed during contact and handling. Once an accident occurs in road transportation and storage of dangerous goods, it is extremely easy to cause personal injury and secondary disasters. According to the nature of the goods, chemical logistics transportation needs to meet special transportation conditions. In this regard, the country has special regulations and restrictions. Therefore, the requirements for chemical transportation are very professional. Only those chemical logistics companies that have been strictly audited by the relevant functional departments of the country and have the appropriate facilities to ensure the safe transportation of dangerous goods can be qualified for the transportation of dangerous chemicals. And we, Realhong, are one of these companies.

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