Company-wide travel activities will be held from time to time. We have traveled to many places of interest such as Xiangshan in Ningbo, Anji in Zhejiang, Tonglu in Zhejiang, Wuyi in Fujian and other national 4A and 5A scenic spots.

Company travel can not only enhance the friendship between colleagues, more importantly, it can improve the work enthusiasm of employees, the expansion of the game to promote the understanding between colleagues, in order to show everyone's different characteristics in each job position, and develop the different business capabilities of each outstanding talent.

Our company has always organized various activities for all departments. The main purpose of team building is to strengthen the cohesion and team spirit of each department and achieve company goals in a cheerful atmosphere. In order to cooperate with each department of the company and fulfill the company's plan and goal as early as possible to realize the company's core values.