Custom Clearance Of Import & Export Cargo

Custom Clearance Of Import & Export Cargo

Customs clearance refers to the procedures that should be performed in accordance with various laws, regulations and regulations when importing, exporting or transshipping goods enter and exit a country's customs.

Customs clearance business is that only after fulfilling various obligations and going through customs' declaration, inspection, taxation, release, and other procedures, can the goods be released and the owner or declarer can pick up the goods. Similarly, various means of transport that carry import and export goods need to clear from customs, go through customs formalities, and obtain smooth customs clearance. During the customs clearance and delivery period, the goods, whether imported, exported or transshipped, are under customs supervision with undergoing customs clearance and are not allowed to circulate freely.

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Customs Clearance Solutions

Generally, there are two most commonly used methods for overseas import customs clearance of goods and custom clearance of export cargo: general trade import and express import.

1. General Custom Clearance Of Import Cargo

1) Provide packing list + (related documents)

2) Submit to the customs broker for review

3) Quotation, negotiation and order

4) The custom clearance broker submits the bill, the tax bill, and the tax payment is completed

5) Notify Hong Kong for loading

6) The goods pass the guard

7) Arrive at the delivery warehouse or send to the customer warehouse

8) Inspection

9) Settlement

Overseas Import Customs Clearance

2. Express Custom Clearance Of Import Cargo

Foreign air/sea transportation---->Hong Kong airport/terminal---->Hong Kong import agent pick-up/customer self-delivery---->Hong Kong order to make goods and load trucks---->Port vehicles passing Hong Kong style---->Customs clearance port---->Delivery document review---->Inspection and release---->Cargo over-delivery---->Unloading in each pick-up warehouse---->Customer inspection and loading ---->Payment Release  from customs clearance

Overseas Import Customs Clearance

Undergoing Customs Clearance

As we all know, documents sometimes are troublesome when implementing courier custom clearance. If you want a smooth customs clearance, there are some documents' preparation that should be done when you implement courier custom clearance that Realhong, an export clearing agent sincerely recommends.
  • 1

    In general, two copies of the import and export goods declaration form are required. Under special circumstances, there are three copies or other documents.

  • 2

    Commodity invoices and various transportation documents also have certain quantity requirements for the customs of commodity invoices, generally as long as one point is less than the quantity of import and export goods declaration.

  • 3

    Packing list and customs declaration power of attorney. These documents are for the convenience of customs verification and examination.

Process Of Cargo Custom Clearance

  • Change order

    Go to the companies specialized in courier custom clearance and freight forwarding to change the D/O (according to the bill of lading to determine where to change the bill. HB/L forwarder bill of lading MB/L ship owner's bill of lading).

  • Electronic filing

    Computer pre-recording, document review, delivery, contact with customs/release from customs clearance.

  • Inspection

    After the electronic declaration is released, one of the four copies of the customs declaration form shall be used to go to the Commodity Inspection Bureau to go through the quotation procedures and issue the customs clearance form or strike the third inspection seal.

  • On-site handover order

    Customs site handover orders.

  • Inspection

    According to the supervision conditions of the declared name of the goods, the customs will conduct inspections with the inspection probability of the day. If there is any inspection, an inspection notice will be issued.

  • Release

    Courier custom clearance has the following steps: 1. One-time clearance; 2. Issuance of inspection notice or direct two-time clearance without inspection; 3. After inspection, then after custom clearance is done.

Overseas Import Customs Clearance

Why Choose Realhong as Your Overseas Import & Export Cargo Customs Clearance Company

As is known to all, clearance of export cargo and import cargo can be annoying if you or your company lacks experience in the courier custom clearance business. You may don't have the knowledge of how to clear goods from customs such as what to prepare before custom clearance of import/export cargo, what to do after custom clearance, what's the differences between air freight customs clearance and custom clearance of export cargo by sea. In this case, you'd better choose a custom clearance agent to help. As a professional import/export clearing agent, Realhong can provide you with considerate customs clearance services to solve the problems that annoy you. Contact us to get more about customs clearance quote and shipping and customs clearance of goods. Realhong, also as customs clearance services ltd, will never stop pursuing to become the best container shipping clearing agent.

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