What is an advance Bill of lading?

It refers to the onboard bill of lading issued by the carrier or his agent in advance at the request of the shipper if the owner fails to prepare the goods in time or has not finished loading due to the time of shipment stipulated in the Letter of credit and the date of delivery and settlement of exchange has arrived, or the ship fails to arrive at the port within the time of loading due to the shipping company. All liability arising out of the advance bill of lading shall be borne by the bill of lading issuer.

What is FFA?

FFA is short for Freight Forwarding Agent, which refers to the business of handling freight forwarding agent entrusted by others and providing them with freight forwarding formalities, such as picking up the goods, shipping, and freight services.

What is ocean freight operation?

Ocean freight operation generally refers to forwarder shipping operation of the business company, this work mainly faces to the guest, which is also used to be called customer service operations, including import and export operation process. Take container export goods as an example, the process is roughly as follows: consign acceptance - booking space - making the container - customs clearance and encasement - packing - loading - unloading - notice to pick up the goods - customs clearance - document change - picking up the goods.

Is Surrendered equal to Telex Release?

There is usually "Surrendered" or "Telex Release." shown on the telex release bill of loading. So telex release bill of loading is usually expressed as Surrendered BL or Telex Release BL, while original BL means original bill of lading.

What is Anti-dated B/L?

Anti-dated B/L: a bill of lading issued after the goods have been loaded by the carrier, at the request of the shipper, prior to the actual date of completion of loading.