Sea freight charges can be a mystery to many shippers. This article can help you understand shipping quotes and provide additional shipping information.

List of Sea Freight Cost

Freight quotes are more than just a price list for international sea freight services or railway freight services. In the simplest terms, a freight quotation is a summary of the fees charged by the carrier for the transportation of goods from point A to B.

In addition, sea freight cost is usually a combination of multimodal transportation costs such as ocean freight rates, surcharges, fees, various adjustment factors, rules, exceptions and tariff exclusions according to the carrier's regulations.

Sea freight rates can be divided into the following three areas: Pre-Carriage, Carriage, On-Carriage.

Depending on the mode of transportation, such as door-to-door, port-to-port and other related services, the shipper or consignee will end up paying many other charges except sea freight cost/rates per kg/ton.

1. Pre-Carriage

It is the term used for any inland transportation that occurs before the container is loaded at the port of loading.

The sea freight quote includes:

  • Chassis Use Surcharge - A fee levied for the use of a chassis in conjunction with a shipping container to facilitate ground transportation from the shipper's door to the port.

  • Fuel Surcharge - A fuel surcharge applied to the shipment.

  • Packing Fee - A fee that may be charged by a third-party warehouse for packing cargo into a container at its premises.

  • This charge will not apply to the contract if the shipment is packed directly at the shipper's premises.

  • Customs Clearance Of Export Cargo By Sea- A fee paid to the customs broker for arranging your customs clearance.

  • Terminal Charges - Charges assessed by the terminal or dock owner for cargo handled on the terminal or dock or for the shipping line using the terminal or dock.

  • Documentation fees - fees that may apply to the preparation of export documents, such as certificates of origin, export licenses, permits, etc.

2. Carriage 

It is the actual transportation of cargo by a shipping company at sea from the port of loading to the port of discharge.

The sea freight rates in this part include:

  • Ocean freight rate - the basic sea freight cost per kg for a container from port A to port B.

  • Low Sulfur Surcharge - a charge for the use of lower-emission fuels

  • Terminal handling service charges

  • Bill of lading fee. A fee charged by a shipping line for processing a bill of lading on behalf of a customer.

  • Export Service Charges

  • Documentation Fee

  • Port Charges - Fees charged by port authorities for the use of port facilities by a vessel.

  • Detention - A penalty charged to a shipper or consignee for delaying a carrier's equipment beyond the allowed time.

3. On-Carriage 

It is any inland transportation that occurs after the container has been discharged at the port of discharge.

Similar to pre-carriage, there are a number of activities that occur during container shipment after the container has been unloaded from the vessel.

These activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Chassis use surcharge

  • Fuel surcharges

  • Unpacking Fee - A fee that may be charged by a third party warehouse for unpacking cargo from a container at their premises. This fee will not apply to this contract if the shipment is unpacked directly at the consignee's premises.

  • Customs Clearance Fee

  • Documentation fee

  • Container yard receiving fee

  • Destination delivery charges.

  • Demurrage/Detention

  • Handling Charges - Charges for transporting, storing or packing cargo.

  • Release Fee - A fee charged by the destination port for releasing

Sea Freight Rates

Hot Sea Freight Charges

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Sea Freight Charges