LCL Sea Shipment

LCL Sea Shipment

Sea freight LCL, also called less than a container load shipping, means that after the agent accepts the cargo consigned by the owner of less than the whole container, it will sort it according to the nature of the cargo and the destination. Consolidate goods to the same destination into a certain number and pack them into boxes.

Ocean freight LCL can be divided into direct consolidation or transfer consolidation. Direct consolidation means that the goods in the LCL containers are loaded and unloaded at the same port without unpacking before the goods arrive at the destination port, that is, the goods are in the same unloading port. This type of less than full container load service has a short shipping period and is convenient and fast. Generally, competent LCL companies will only provide this type of service. Transshipment refers to goods that are not in the same port of destination in a container and need to be unpacked or unloaded or transshipped in the middle. Due to factors such as different destination ports and long waiting time for such goods, the shipping period is long, and the freight is even high.

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When Should I Consider LCL?

In many cases, when the goods are less than a container load shipping, you can consider using LCL. Unlike FCL transport, the advantage of LCL ocean freight is that it can save costs. Generally, a cabinet can hold goods from seven or eight shippers, and the cost of the entire cabinet can be allocated to each shipper.

Furthermore, LCL warehouses are guaranteed and rarely dumped. Shipping companies and terminals will give priority to securing LCL cabinets. If it is expensive and fragile, you can choose LCL international sea freight services.

Risk of LCL?

  • 1

    LCL ocean freight is more complicated, the goods may be crushed when packing, etc., you need to pay attention to packing problems.

  • 2

    Sea LCL shipment needs to pay attention to the cost of the destination port, which needs to be confirmed before shipment.

  • 3

    Shipping companies cannot be designated for LCL, and shipping companies can be designated for FCL.

  • 4

    LCL because there are many goods in a cabinet, it needs to be arranged in advance. The order cut-off time is relatively early, and it needs to be delivered earlier.

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