Pharma Logistics

Pharma Logistics

Pharmaceutical distribution has always been regarded by the industry as a field that needs to be integrated and has infinite charm. And pharmaceutical logistics is not just a simple drug import, sale, storage or drug distribution. Processing capacity, reduce goods sorting errors, shorten inventory and distribution time, reduce logistics costs, improve service levels and capital use efficiency, and realize automation, information and efficiency.

Pharmaceutical transport is a high-end business scenario in the logistics business. Its profit margin and stability are higher than those of ordinary logistics. The net profit rate of carrying ordinary goods is below 5%, while transportation in the pharmaceutical industry can be maintained at 8%.

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The Importance Of Pharma Logistics

Medical consumption occupies an extremely important position in the economy. Pharmaceutical logistics can realize the rapid circulation of medicines and accelerate the operational efficiency of the pharmaceutical market. In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have continued to grow and develop. In this process, logistics management has also continued to develop and progress. High-speed and effective distribution mode is very important for pharmaceutical companies. An efficient distribution mode will greatly reduce costs and increase profits. With the development of pharmaceutical logistics, pharmaceutical logistics has risen to a new level of corporate development and integration. Based on the logistics center, Realhong has gradually opened up various businesses such as pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceutical sellers, pharmaceutical bottle retail, and pharmaceutical wholesale, which will further promote the development of the shipping pharmaceuticals market.

Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Logistics

The pharmaceutical industry is an important industry that is currently developing rapidly, and it is also recognized as one of the most promising high-tech industries in the world. The production, storage and logistics medical transportation have specific requirements on temperature (generally required to be maintained at 2-8°C), humidity, and visibility. If the quality of the medicine is reduced due to improper handling during transportation, the risk is much greater than the loss of the goods, and it will endanger the health of patients.

As a branch of the logistics industry, the medical cold chain specifically refers to a systematic project between the producer and the user of refrigerated drug entities for the purpose of disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment of people, including its production, transportation, and storage. Use and a series of links. With the continuous increase in the scale of pharmaceutical circulation, the development of the pharmaceutical cold chain, which was originally a supplement to the pharmaceutical circulation supply chain, has attracted more attention.

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