air cargo courier services

air cargo courier services

Unless otherwise agreed, the carrier or other agent shall notify the consignee immediately after the air carrier has delivered the goods to their destination.

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Some common problems in air cargo courier 

Arrival Notice

Unless otherwise agreed, the carrier or other agent shall send a notice of receipt to the consignee immediately after the air carrier has delivered the goods to the destination. Urgent cargo arrival notices should be sent within two hours of the arrival of the cargo and regular cargo notices should be sent within 24 hours. The consignee should take his arrival notice and his ID card or another valid ID document to pick up the goods when he arrives at the terminal.

Arrival inspection

If the consignee has any objection to the state and weight of the outer packaging of the goods during the inspection of the goods, he shall raise the inspection questions on the spot, otherwise the goods shall be deemed to be delivered in good condition.


Storage period and storage fee

General cargo will be held by the air carrier free of charge for three days from the day following the air carrier's notification of arrival. If the free time is exceeded, the airport cargo department will charge a certain storage fee according to the regulations. Charge standard: RMB 2.00 per 10kg per day for general cargo. Less than one day is considered a day and less than 10kg are counted as 10kg.


Non-deliverable goods and their handling

If the air carrier has not received the goods within 60 days after sending the notice of arrival, and has not received the shipper's handling advice, the goods will be deemed undeliverable. Domestic cargo should be handled by the airport cargo department in accordance with the relevant cargo transport regulations. International shipments are handed over to customs by the airport cargo department.

Warm tips: Due to the use of mixed passenger and cargo aircraft for flight transportation, flights are mainly passenger services, and the cargo space is limited, which cannot meet the requirements for timely shipment of large quantities of goods, and often can only be transported in batches. In addition, changes in the passenger volume of the same route in different seasons will also directly affect the quantity of cargo loaded, making airline transportation very limited in terms of cargo transportation.


The importance of air cargo in economic development

China's air cargo industry is in the early stages of industrial development. It has three characteristics: rapid development and high concentration of freight. Mergers and reorganization have become a new trend. China's air cargo market is gradually opening to the outside world, and China's cargo market, especially the international cargo market, is gradually entering foreign companies.


The development of modern air cargo has accelerated the process of economic globalization. Driven by the concept of a global low-carbon economy, the importance of time value is becoming more and more prominent. Air cargo is moving towards smaller size, lighter weight and higher value. It chooses faster transportation methods to achieve more efficient transportation, which brings higher development requirements and higher requirements to China.

With the expansion of development space and the increase of development tasks, China and China's air cargo will play an increasingly important role in the development of China's logistics. It has the characteristics of "safety, fast and convenient".



Shanghai Realhong International Logistics Co., Ltd. is an international transportation company approved by the Commerce Department, with a large number served in first-class multinational logistics companies and more than 10 years of experience in professional, dedicated, efficient, high-quality personnel.

International maritime transport services as one of the company's core business, we can provide you with comprehensive and integrated international maritime transport services including land transport, packing, warehousing management, customs clearance, cargo tracking and port of destination, value-added services.


Sea freight delivery services are the most  convenient method to send heavy and out  of gauge freight orders overseas.

We can offer you a sea freight service  to every main port in the world, 100% guarantee space.

Our goal is always to provide the rate lower than market and deliver cargos to ultimate  destination in timely basis.

Sea freight services include:

Full container loads ( FCL)  Less container loads ( LCL)

If speed is a priority and you need  to get your goods to the destination  as quick as possible then you should  consider Air freight services

Almost everything can be sent by  air: big, small, heavy and light.

Air and express services are the  fastest growing freight service. At  today’s business pace other ways of  transport are often too slow.

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