Air Freight Cargo Shipping Logistics

Air Freight Cargo Shipping Logistics


Realhong offers air freight services from China to any other countries, or vice versa. For Air freight to Europe, for example, the air cargo transmission delay is up to 7 days, which is faster than the usual 35/40 days by sea freight.

Realhong’s network of well-tested professional partners allows us to manage your shipment minutely and in the best delays.

The Air freight is feasible for all kind of products, from the most fragile to the heaviest.

The Air regulations are very strict, that’s why we put all our attention to examine perfectly your requests. After this precise analyse of your demand, our teams will insure you a freight service matching absolutely with your expectation, your needs and the nature of your goods.

air cargo parcel services

After the goods are packed and sent, the airline issues a copy of the air waybill. The original bill of lading will be shipped with the goods to the destination.

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Air Freight Forwarding Service

To import and export goods, you may need to go through the following procedures, including sales, pick-up, booking and order. Goods can pass through customs declaration, transportation and other procedures such as quarantine and inspection.

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airport cargo services

Although air freight is often confused with air cargo, it should be noted that air freight is a form of air transport and not just an air cargo.

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air cargo door-to-door services

Door-to-door international air freight is the combination of international air freight and delivery. The first-way trunk line transportation adopts international air transportation from origin to destination, which is transport mode as per customers requirement.

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cargo charter services

Charter transportation is a means of transporting goods. The airline leases the entire aircraft to one or more charter carriers according to agreed conditions and rates. The airline transports the goods to their destination.

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Air Courier service

Air cargo is a relatively late development, but has developed extremely rapidly. Modern enterprise managers especially favor air freight.

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 forward air truckload services

The freight forwarding company is mainly responsible for the transportation of goods, which is a freight forwarder. This can be used as an intermediary service between foreign and domestic traders who do not have direct access to each other.

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air cargo courier services

Unless otherwise agreed, the carrier or other agent shall notify the consignee immediately after the air carrier has delivered the goods to their destination.

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