container customs clearance

container customs clearance

When loading and transporting, the load on the bottom of the box should be balanced, especially to strictly prevent the load center of gravity from being on one end.

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Our company often receives customer inquiries about the requirements for shipping goods in containers. In order to let customers know more about the rules for shipping goods in shipping containers, today I will explain what problems should be paid attention to when loading goods in shipping containers.


Precautions for Shipping Containers

When the packing rate reaches 90%, it is necessary to be more cautious when packing.


After the container is towed, check it first, check the box number with the container paper, keep the lead seal handed to you by the driver, and write down the lead seal number.


In any case, when the goods are loaded into the container, the weight of the goods in the box cannot exceed the maximum loading capacity of the container, that is, the total amount of the container minus the self-weight of the container. Under normal circumstances, the gross weight and dead weight will be marked on the door of the container.


The unit weight of each container is fixed, so when loading the same kind of goods in the box, as long as the density of the goods is known, it can be determined whether it is heavy or light.


When loading, the load on the bottom of the box should be balanced, especially to strictly prevent the load center of gravity from being on one end.


Avoid generating concentrated loads. For example, when loading heavy goods such as machinery and equipment, the bottom of the box should be covered with lining materials such as wooden boards to disperse the load as much as possible.


When using manual loading, pay attention to whether there are loading and unloading signs on the package such as "can not be inverted", "flat", or "vertical". Be sure to use the loading tool correctly, and do not use hand hooks for bundles. The goods in the box should be packed neatly and tightly stacked. For bulky and fragile goods, use padding or place plywood between the goods to prevent the goods from moving within the box. A warm reminder from the shipping container shipping company: Unless there is an obvious situation, don't take the porter's advice lightly - many times, these suggestions are for the convenience of work and labor, rather than reasonable container loading.


When loading pallet cargo, it is necessary to accurately grasp the internal dimensions of the container and the external dimensions of the cargo packaging, to calculate the number of loaded pieces, so as to achieve the purpose of minimizing abandoned positions and loading more cargoes.


When calculating the loading plan, remember that there is an angle iron protruding from the upper left/right upper corner of the shipping container, and a space of about 10x10x15CM should be reserved.


The carton is not a standard part. Before packing, measure the size actually, not just rely on the original data of the carton factory. In addition, in many cases, the middle of the carton with goods is slightly raised than the side. Therefore, it is prudent to maintain a gap of about two centimeters around the inner periphery of the container when calculating.


The carton is elastic, and it will be naturally denser after stacking. Before loading the cabinet, communicate with the loading and unloading foreman to let him have a general understanding of the loading plan. But don't be slack because of this, and pay attention to supervising on the side.


When packing with a forklift truck, it will be limited by the free lifting height of the machine and the height of the gantry. Therefore, if conditions permit, the forklift can load two layers at a time, but there must be a certain gap between the top and bottom.


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