courier custom clearance

courier custom clearance

In international express delivery, items with brand logos and inaccurate recipient information are often held back by customs.

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In international express delivery, goods are often delayed in customs clearance and delivery due to incorrect recipient information, items with brand logos, inconsistent declared value, incomplete information, lack of special documents, no local customs clearance capability of international express companies, and special customs inspections, etc.


In order to better provide customers with fast, safe and economical international express services. Here is a list of solutions to the common problems of express customs clearance delays, hoping to get the cooperation of customers to complete customs clearance and delivery services quickly.


Frequently Asked Questions about International Express Cargo Clearance

If there is a problem with the customs clearance of international express goods, the local area will first contact the recipient and inform the customs clearance problem. At this time, the sender must do the following two points:

Contact the recipient to see if the local courier has notified the recipient to assist in customs clearance and verify the situation

Continue to consult, the local customs will definitely notify the freight forwarder. It's just that it may be slower to respond to questions locally, because after opening the inquiry, they assign customer service to follow up, plus problems such as time difference. So it is best to contact the recipient, so that the verification of the problem is faster.

Common problems and solutions for delays in international express customs clearance:

In customs clearance, the recipient's information is incorrect or the recipient cannot be contacted: the sender needs to provide the recipient's correct information again, and then send it to the local area, to contact the customer to arrange customs clearance, and it is best to notify the recipient. The sender directly contacts the local courier, so that the speed of confirming the information will be faster. If it is verified that the local DHL and FedEx have contacted the customer, the recipient will know what is the problem with customs clearance, and will handle it accordingly. If any assistance is needed, it can be notified in time.

Express items containing brand logos in customs clearance: All items containing brand logos are required to provide a transport brand authorization letter. You may be detained without brand authorization. Customs will require a power of attorney, so the recipient must provide a power of attorney to clear customs smoothly.

During customs clearance, the customs think that the declared value in the commercial invoice does not match: when the customs deem the value of the express item to be too high or too low to match, the customer needs to provide the detailed product name, purpose and real commercial invoice to DHL and FedEx for customs clearance, and the declared value does not match the local penalty may be incurred.

When DHL and FedEx International Express have no local customs clearance capability: DHL and FedEx International Express require the recipient to find an agent to assist in customs clearance, and if the goods are handed over to the agent for customs clearance, DHL and FedEx will transfer the information to the agent for customs clearance. At that time, DHL and FedEx have no way to follow up on the customs clearance of the goods, and the sender can directly confirm the situation with the recipient.

Lack of special documents required for customs clearance of express items: DHL, and FedEx international express require customers to provide import licenses, certificates of origin and other similar special documents to local DHL and FedEx to help with customs clearance.

During customs clearance, the customs conducts special inspection of the goods: no assistance is required at this time, and the goods can only be released after the customs inspection is completed. If there is no problem, the goods will be released.

Refusal to pay customs duties during customs clearance: The customs duties for express shipments are generally paid by the recipient. More goods and higher value are generally caused by customs duties. If the recipient refuses to pay the tariff, the sender tries to persuade the recipient to pay the tariff, or the sender pays the tariff directly, and the sender pays will result in a prepaid handling fee.



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