Custom Clearance Of Import & Export Cargo

Custom Clearance Of Import & Export Cargo



We make sure it is possible to import your goods to EAEU countries, consider applicable restrictions and sanctions, determine importation requirements and verify and identify Harmonized System (HS) codes.


We will analyze your product and research any applicable preferential customs tariffs, zero duties and/or benefits, then obtain the classification conclusion of the relevant state’s customs service on your behalf.


If you do not have a legal entity or partner leading your foreign trade, we can act as the first buyer. We will deliver goods to their destination, perform all import formalities and sell the goods strictly according to your instructions.


We can arrange the delivery of goods from abroad and across the EAEU, and will perform customs clearance on behalf of your recipient. When your goods cross borders, we will carry out customs clearance, using either your digital signature or our own digital signature.


We will prepare and submit reports to state authorities detailing the payment of eco-fees, check that the characteristics of your goods comply with technical regulations, and complete statistical reporting forms on the movement of your goods within the EAEU.

courier custom clearance

In international express delivery, items with brand logos and inaccurate recipient information are often held back by customs.

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container customs clearance

When loading and transporting, the load on the bottom of the box should be balanced, especially to strictly prevent the load center of gravity from being on one end.

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clearance of export cargo

Customs clearance is an indispensable part of foreign trade. It is a necessary step for goods to be brought into or out of the country, and an opportunity for customs to verify that certain imported or exported goods meet certain local laws and regulations.

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sea freight logistics customs clearance

Customs clearance refers to the procedures that should be performed in accordance with various laws, regulations, and policies when importing and exporting goods entering or leaving the customs territory of a country.

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clearance of import cargo

In accordance with national regulations and laws, any imported goods entering the country need to be cleared customs. But how does it work in reality? Below is a brief introduction to the import customs clearance process.

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air freight shipping logistics customs clearance

Express companies such as DHL, UPS and FedEx, etc. are usually used because express provides door-to-door service. They usually declare the goods uniformly first (sometimes pre-clearance)

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