Bonded and non-bonded warehouse management services

Bonded and non-bonded warehouse management services

The bonded area has functions such as import and export processing, international trade, and bonded warehouse commodity display. The functional positioning of the bonded area is three major functions: Bonded warehousing, export processing and entrepot trade.

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China bonded warehouse services in shanghai

The difference between bonded and non-bonded warehouses:

1. Different concepts:

Bonded area, also known as bonded warehouse area, has a lower level than the comprehensive bonded area. This is an area set up by a country's customs or approved and registered by the customs, supervised and managed by the customs, and can store goods for a long time. It is an economic zone established upon approval and subject to special supervision by the customs.

The functional positioning of the bonded area is three major functions: "bonded warehousing, export processing and entrepot trade". The bonded area has functions such as import and export processing, international trade, and bonded warehouse commodity display. one of the regions.

Bonded warehouse refers to a warehouse approved by the customs for the storage of imported goods and not subject to the customs laws and import control regulations. Imported goods stored in bonded warehouses can be modified, graded, sampled, mixed and reprocessed in the warehouse upon approval. These goods are exempt from customs duties if they are re-exported, and are subject to customs duties if they enter the domestic market. All countries have clear regulations on the storage period of goods in bonded warehouses.

In addition to providing convenience for traders, the establishment of bonded warehouses can also promote entrepot trade. Bonded warehouses are subject to the approval of the customs directly under the jurisdiction. If an enterprise applies for the establishment of a bonded warehouse, it shall submit a written application to the competent customs office where the warehouse is located, and prepare relevant certification materials.

If the application materials are complete and valid, competent customs will accept them. If the application materials are incomplete or do not conform to the statutory form, the competent customs shall inform the applicant of all the contents that need to be supplemented and corrected at one time within 5 working days. The competent customs office shall, within 20 working days from the date of accepting the application, put forward a preliminary review opinion and submit the relevant materials to the directly affiliated customs office for approval. The customs directly under the General Administration of Customs shall complete the review within 20 working days from the date of receipt of the materials, and issue an approval document for those who meet the conditions.


2. Different connotations:

The bonded area within China is like a foreign country, that is, the goods coming from abroad are placed in the bonded area, and the equivalent goods are still abroad, without paying customs duties, but entering the non-bonded area outside the bonded area means importing from abroad to China, and you have to pay customs duties. . When goods from China's non-bonded areas enter the bonded area, it means that they have been exported to foreign countries and have to pay customs duties.

Bonded warehouse means that it is already in China. Just a function that can store goods. For example, if a Chinese trading company imports goods into the country, but fails to find a buyer for the goods, they can put them in a bonded warehouse, pay supervision fees, and leave the warehouse when they find a buyer. Or you want to wait for a good price to sell it after you put it in the warehouse. This also involves customs declarations for different trade modes.


3. The operation process is different:

Entry and exit inside and outside the bonded area are regarded as import and export, that is, relevant procedures shall be handled in accordance with the general management regulations on import and export.

The goods entering and leaving the bonded warehouse are not regarded as importing and exporting. 1. Customs clearance of goods in the bonded warehouse For bonded warehouse goods 1233), a bonded warehouse goods entry list, bonded warehouse goods entry and exit registration form (in duplicate), import contract, import invoice, packing list.

The original bill of lading and other documents required by the customs; the consignee or the customs declarer of the agent company shall hand-write the customs declaration form for the imported goods based on the bonded warehouse goods entry list approved and approved by the competent customs, and go to the pre-entry company for pre-entry of the customs declaration form, and send to the pre-entry company. The Customs Clearance Center conducts electronic customs clearance import declarations. The electronic data of the import declaration form for bonded warehouse goods shall be centrally reviewed by the Document Review Center.

China bonded warehouse services in shanghai

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China bonded warehouse services in shanghai

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