RDC supplier inventory management system and warehouse adjustment
warehousing and logistics services company
warehousing and logistics services company
warehousing and logistics services company
warehousing and logistics services company
  • warehousing and logistics services company
  • warehousing and logistics services company
  • warehousing and logistics services company
  • warehousing and logistics services company

RDC supplier inventory management system and warehouse adjustment

Warehousing management is the planning, organization, control and coordination process of a logistics enterprise to make full use of its warehousing resources to provide efficient service.

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Warehousing management of logistics enterprises is the management of warehouses and materials in warehouses, and it is the planning, organization, control and coordination process of enterprises to make full use of their warehousing resources to provide efficient warehousing services. As a link connecting producers and consumers, it plays a vital role in the entire logistics and economic activities. In today's information age, more and more logistics companies implement supplier inventory management systems to help companies improve their operations. efficiency.

Advantages of Supplier Inventory Management System.

Save labor and land. On the same area of land, the storage capacity of the supplier inventory management system is several times or even ten times that of ordinary warehouses.

The supplier inventory management system can quickly, accurately and effectively shorten the operation time of outbound operations, and at the same time improve the accuracy of operations. The warehouse can coordinate with suppliers and users organically, which is conducive to shortening the circulation time of goods.

The supplier inventory management system facilitates the storage of goods. In an automated warehouse, many goods can be stored in large quantities and variety. Through barcode technology, the flow of goods can be accurately tracked and the traceability of goods can be achieved.

After the supplier's inventory management system is connected to the ERP system, it can realize the automatic operation of the whole process from the formulation of the production plan to the issuance of the goods warehousing and warehousing instructions, and the system will automatically post accounts to ensure accurate and timely information and avoid the problem of out-of-sync accounts. , effectively improve the level of warehouse management.

Features of Supplier Inventory Management System:

Warehousing management: The process of receiving, quality inspection, and putting on the shelf is perfect. Support pre-receiving quality inspection, dynamically set multi-scenario receiving strategies, support PDA devices for warehousing operations, obtain the target location according to the cargo shelf strategy, deliver the goods to the designated location by manual/AGV, scan the location label binding to complete the warehousing operate.


Outbound management: The process of picking, packing, and packing is complete, the supplier inventory management system issues outbound tasks, and the unmanned workshop management service issues AGV scheduling instructions according to the outbound tasks. outbound area. Cooperate with PDA equipment to scan and review, when there is an error, an alarm will be issued, so that the warehouse keeper can deal with it in time, and finally send the data to the system to update the database to complete the delivery.


Inventory management: The supplier inventory management system creates and reviews inventory. The warehouse keeper goes to the designated inventory location to check the inventory task through the mobile terminal, the PDA scans the commodity inventory, compares it with the information in the database, and displays the real-time difference information on the mobile terminal for the inventory staff to view. Check the inventory completion information with the background database information to generate an inventory table.


Visual storage location management: The warehouse storage location information is displayed visually, and the inventory of each storage location is displayed in the form of an actual floor plan. Using workshop kanbans, workstations, operation tablets and even handheld mobile terminals to view, the supplier inventory management system help all kinds of personnel understand the inventory information of various locations in real time.


Statistical analysis of data: The supplier inventory management system automatically saves inventory snapshots and real-time changes for regular verification. Carry out detailed and accurate statistics on personnel operations, and provide data support for performance appraisal and task adjustment.


Early warning management: Provide early warning, low turnover warning, document timeout warning, emergency task stuck warning, and inventory upper and lower limit warning.


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Sea freight services include:

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