Logistic Warehousing and Distribution Services

Logistic Warehousing and Distribution Services


Our global footprint and extensive network means we have facilities ready to handle your supply chain, whether at origin or destination. By combining shipping with warehousing and distribution, you benefit from a seamless end-to-end solution with fewer logistic service providers. Complexity is reduced, and you gain speed, control and visibility.

A warehouse perfectly placed and connected to your sourcing areas can combine materials and goods pre-export, helping you optimise your landside movements and container loads.

Our portfolio comprises bonded and non-bonded warehouses, facilities located within free trade zones, and others near/within ports for easy transfer to ship.

We offer domestic and regional/international consolidation, including multi-country consolidation. Offered at several international hubs, including our major East-West transshipment hub at Tanjung Pelepas in Malaysia, these facilities offer multi-country consolidation and a host of product value-added services, within the free trade zone.

RDC supplier inventory management system and warehouse adjustment

Warehousing management is the planning, organization, control and coordination process of a logistics enterprise to make full use of its warehousing resources to provide efficient service.

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International warehousing and logistical distribution services

In foreign trade e-commerce, when the product is shipped or the sample is mailed, the logistics method generally has two options: international air freight and international express delivery.

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Domestic and international express service

Foreign trade logistics is a series of business activities that help to meet the various needs of customers, through a certain mode of transportation, to achieve the transaction of related products in two countries (regions).

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3pl warehouse services

After obtaining the order on the e-commerce platform or independent station, the third-party logistics company is responsible for transporting and distributing the order package.

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Expedited cargo delivery service (2 hours/4 hours/same day delivery)

The high-quality logistics of special lines is the choice of sellers. Of course, if you choose an overseas warehouse, you must first ship the goods to the overseas warehouse.

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Logistics warehousing and distribution solutions consulting service

Logistics is an important part of the entire consumption chain. It not only affects the shopping experience of buyers, but also has a direct influence on the loyalty and return rate of users.

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MS Warehouse Management Services Department

Warehousing and logistics is the use of self-built or leased warehouses to store goods, then delivering them to customers. When you need distribution services, choose a company with warehouse facilities that are strategically located near your customers.

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24/7 service

International Express is a cross-border logistics method commonly used by cross-border e-commerce sellers and foreign trade merchants. It enables the delivery of goods within 3 to 10 days. International Special Line enables the delivery of goods within 7 to 15 days.

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Bonded and non-bonded warehouse management services

The bonded area has functions such as import and export processing, international trade, and bonded warehouse commodity display. The functional positioning of the bonded area is three major functions: Bonded warehousing, export processing and entrepot trade.

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