Multi-mode transport design
How to choose multimodal transport for railway transportation
How to choose multimodal transport for railway transportation
How to choose multimodal transport for railway transportation
How to choose multimodal transport for railway transportation
How to choose multimodal transport for railway transportation
  • How to choose multimodal transport for railway transportation
  • How to choose multimodal transport for railway transportation
  • How to choose multimodal transport for railway transportation
  • How to choose multimodal transport for railway transportation
  • How to choose multimodal transport for railway transportation

Multi-mode transport design

Multimodal transport is the idea of having multiple modes of transportation being used together to deliver a package or product from one end to another. This is done so that by combining modes, such as both vessel and truck shipping, it will be easier for companies to reach new markets across the world and reduce costs.

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Multimodal transport is a transportation process in which two or more means of transportation are connected and transshipped together, which is collectively referred to as compound transport. China is used to calling it multimodal transport. 

The United Nations Convention on International Multimodal Transport of Goods defines international multimodal transport as: in accordance with the international multimodal transport contract, by at least two different modes of transport, the multimodal transport operator takes over the goods from the territory of a country. Carriage of goods to a designated delivery point within another country. The Chinese Maritime Law stipulates that there must be a way of domestic multimodal transport.

Advantages of multimodal transport

(1) Simplify consignment, settlement and claims procedures, save manpower, material resources and related costs; no matter how far the goods are transported, they are completed by several modes of transportation, and no matter how many times the goods are converted during transportation, all transportation matters It is handled by the multimodal transport operator. The shipper only needs to handle the consignment once, sign a transportation contract, pay the fee once, and insurance once, thus saving the shipper a lot of inconvenience in handling the consignment procedures. Since multimodal transport adopts a single shipping document and charges uniformly, the document preparation and settlement procedures can also be simplified, saving manpower and material resources. In addition, once the goods are damaged during the transportation process, the multimodal transport operator will check the whole transportation process. In this way, the claim settlement procedure can also be simplified and the claim settlement cost can be reduced.


(2) Shorten the delivery time of the goods, reduce the inventory, reduce the occurrence of damaged goods, and improve the quality of the goods: under the international multimodal transport method, the cooperation between each transport link and various transport tools is close, the connection is compact, and the goods go wherever the goods go. The transit is quick and timely, which greatly reduces the stopover time of the goods, and fundamentally ensures that the goods arrive at the destination safely, quickly, accurately and promptly, so the inventory and inventory costs of the goods are correspondingly reduced; multimodal transportation system The container is used for direct transport for the transport unit. Although the freight has to be changed many times during the journey, because the professional machinery is used for loading and unloading and does not touch the bad goods, the accident of cargo damage is greatly reduced, which greatly improves the quality of the goods. Shipping quality.


(3) Reduce transportation costs and save various expenses: Because multimodal transportation can implement door-to-door transportation, for cargo owners, after the goods are handed over to the top carrier, they can obtain shipping documents, and settle foreign exchange accordingly, and then Settlement time earlier. It is beneficial to speed up the turnover of funds occupied by the goods, and can reduce the cost of interest. Since the goods are transported in the container, in a sense, the cost of packaging, tally and security of the goods can be saved accordingly.


(4) Improve the level of transportation management and complete the rationalization of transportation: For section transportation, because the operators of various transportation methods are self-governing and self-contained, the scale of their operations is limited, and the freight volume is correspondingly limited. Once different transport operators participate in multimodal transport, the scale of the operation can be greatly expanded, and at the same time, it can maximize the effect of its existing equipment and select the best transport route to organize and rationalize the transport.


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Sea freight services include:

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If speed is a priority and you need  to get your goods to the destination  as quick as possible then you should  consider Air freight services

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Air and express services are the  fastest growing freight service. At  today’s business pace other ways of  transport are often too slow.

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