Project Cargo Logistics

Project Cargo Logistics


We provide end-to-end cargo management services to customers covering all activities from cargo operation (in or out of ship), customs clearance, receipt or dispatch of cargo from port premises, rail transport to and from customer premises.

Our port management services include container stuffing / destuffing, handling of various types of dry bulk, break bulk and project cargo.

Project cargo handling services

Loading and unloading are indispensable parts of our production process. They not only ensure the smooth operation of production, but also guarantee the quality of direct production.

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Provide bulk project cargo logistics transportation solutions

The variety, nature and shape of the products can be explained in the packaging item, and the transportation method suitable for the characteristics and shape of the goods should be selected.

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On-site logistics

The sole aim of logistics is to meet the customer's requirements for a certain commodity under the conditions of time and place. Changes in time and place are fundamental elements in realizing the value of logistics.

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Regular reporting and cost budgeting

EMS (international express mail) is charged according to the actual weight of the goods, while DHL, UPS and FEDEX international express charges are based on the maximum value of actual weight and volume weight (length*width*height/6000).

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Warehousing and distribution services project management

Overseas warehousing service refers to a one-stop control and management service for sellers to store, sort, pack and deliver goods at the sales destination. Especially in cross-border sales, the network solution of our overseas warehouse logistics service can effectively increase the efficiency of your business.

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Joint quality management in the supply chain

International logistics is the process of physically moving materials to overcome spatial and temporal distance between production and consumption when production and consumption are carried out independently in two or more countries.

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Feasibility study and analysis

The warehouse receives the goods, weighs, sorts, measures the size and sorts them by size. Then it makes an order from this sorted out number, sticks a label on it and pack them into cartons. After that it loads the goods into trucks and sends them to the airport.

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Overseas import customs clearance

In today’s digital world, competition for domestic e-commerce can be fierce and profit margins are limited. Therefore, many merchants choose to do cross-border e-commerce.

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Warehouse operation

Warehousing and logistics is the use of self-built or leased warehouses to store goods, then delivering them to customers. When you need distribution services, choose a company with warehouse facilities that are strategically located near your customers.

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Multi-mode transport design

Multimodal transport is the idea of having multiple modes of transportation being used together to deliver a package or product from one end to another. This is done so that by combining modes, such as both vessel and truck shipping, it will be easier for companies to reach new markets across the world and reduce costs.

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Provide competitive prices and advice for customers

Door-to-door delivery refers to the fact that a carrier delivers goods directly to customers. This usually takes place using small freight vehicles that do not need to be replaced during transportation.

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