mixed freight trains 

mixed freight trains 

Mixed freight trains, also known as mixed-service trains or mixed-transport trains are a common sight in India, particularly in less populated areas. These trains run on a combination of passenger and freight services, with a shared set of locomotives.

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Mixed freight trains refer to trains that carry both passengers and goods. Generally, it runs in places where the volume of passengers and freight is not large, the source of passengers for single-train passenger trains is insufficient, and the supply of goods for single-row freight trains is poor. It is a mixture of passenger compartments and cargo compartments. It plays an important role in the rational utilization of transportation capacity.


Features of mixed freight trains

mixed freight trains refer to trains in which passenger cars and freight cars are combined into groups (including 10 or more passenger cars in a freight train).

According to the driving conditions and seasonal changes of the train operating section, some mixed trains are composed of passenger cars at the front by locomotives, and freight cars at the rear; some have freight cars at the front and passenger cars at the rear; There are trucks.

mixed freight trains generally operate in sections where the number of trains is small and the volume of passengers and freight is relatively small. In this way, the trains are mixed, which can not only transport passengers, but also pull goods, taking into account both.

Mixed trains are handled as passenger trains when receiving and dispatching trains.

When running a mixed train, since the passenger car bottom is incorporated into the train, it also incorporates freight vehicles (car groups) and various goods loaded on the vehicle. In order to ensure the safety of passenger transportation and driving safety, the marshaling, In terms of isolation and restrictions, some special regulations and requirements have been put forward accordingly.


Notes on mixed freight trains

1. Mixed trains must be dispatched by a passenger crew.

2. When passenger cars are incorporated into mixed trains, they should be linked together. The position of the passenger car should be convenient for passengers to get on and off; but during the heating period (except for independent heating facilities), the passenger car should be hung in front of the train close to the aircraft.

3. At the connection between the passenger car, the locomotive and the freight car, the inspector shall be responsible for disassembling the hook lock pin and the hook lift rod, and hoisting the crossing plate when there is a crossing plate. The conductor is responsible for locking the end door and side door at the connection between the passenger car, the locomotive and the freight car.

4. During the shunting operation, when approaching the connected passenger car, it is necessary to stop once at a distance of 3 cars, and then connect at a speed not exceeding 5 km/h.

5. The freight cars in the mixed train formation should organize the train's final station and the traffic flow beyond it as much as possible.

6. The brake main air duct pressure of the hybrid train is 500 kPa. The number of cars with closed doors in the train shall be handled according to the regulations of the freight train. The minimum pressure of the brake shoe per 100 tons of train weight shall not be lower than 280 kN. When all the mixed trains are composed of passenger cars, the inspection attendant is responsible for notifying the running captain and the driver to adjust the pressure of the train brake head to 600 kPa. For handling, the minimum pressure of the brake shoe per 100 tons of train weight shall not be lower than 580 kN.

7. Operation method of air duct connection and automatic brake test for mixed freight trains: the train inspection is responsible for the station with train inspection; when there is no train inspection, the air duct connection is in charge of the shunting team, and the automatic brake test is carried out by the inspection car The flight crew is responsible (if there is no inspection car flight attendant, the driving commander is responsible)


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