Rail Freight Cargo Transportation Services

Rail Freight Cargo Transportation Services


Rail freight routes between China and Europe

There are two main routes for freight trains, with a number of sub-routes:

1.The southern route through Kazakhstan and southern Russia is most suited for freight to and from central China, e.g. the regions surrounding Chengdu, Chongqing and Zhengzhou.

2.The northern route through Siberia is ideal for container transport for the northern regions around Beijing, Dalian, Suzhou and Shenyang. In Europe, the most important terminals are Duisburg and Hamburg in Germany, and Warsaw in Poland. 

In addition to full container loads (FCL), container loads (LCL) have recently become available, with logistics providers arranging the consolidation of several loads from different customers into full containers. This makes rail an attractive solution for smaller shipments.

unit trains

Rail transport is used in the social material production process to transport freight and passengers. It plays an important role in developing and improving people's lives.

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mixed freight trains 

Mixed freight trains, also known as mixed-service trains or mixed-transport trains are a common sight in India, particularly in less populated areas. These trains run on a combination of passenger and freight services, with a shared set of locomotives.

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 intermodal trains

International intermodal trains refer to trains of Chinese or foreign nationality that carry import, export or transit goods and articles, and carry inbound, outbound or transit passengers.

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