Road Cargo Freight Transport Services

Road Cargo Freight Transport Services


referred to as 'road haulage' or 'road transport', road freight is the transfer of goods and merchandise on roadways with the use of a vehicle (usually a truck). This is one of the most common modes of transport for goods worldwide because it's efficient, effective and considerably less expensive that air freight.

realhong is a road cargo transportation services company that provides the best solution for any types of road cargo service for regular, oversized, sensitive, dangerous goods, aircraft spare parts.

Regional or Coast-to-Coast, our clients have relied on us to develop road cargo transportation services for over 15 years.

We take pride in having the power to offer a full range of hassle-free, affordable options for your domestic and international road cargo transportation transport.

Machinery and auxiliary equipment

Road transportation refers to the use of roads as transportation lines and the use of land transportation tools such as automobiles to complete cross-regional or transnational movements to transport goods.

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Agricultural goods such as crops.

Road transportation is a kind of transportation method with high usage rate. Therefore, we must learn about the knowledge of road freight transportation.

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Road freight transport is an important part of the transport system. It is much more general than road cargo transportation, including road general cargo transportation, that is to say, road general cargo transportation is only a small part of it.

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Dangerous and toxic goods(the road transport company will need corresponding permits to transport such goods)

Dangerous goods vehicle shall not be used in residential areas, densely pedestrianized areas, government offices, or scenic spots.

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Electronic devices

Both rail freight and road freight are indispensable and indispensable components of the national economy and modern life, which play an important role in promoting the development of national economy.

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