Rail Freight Cargo Transportation Services


 intermodal trains

International intermodal trains refer to trains of Chinese or foreign nationality that carry import, export or transit goods and articles, and carry inbound, outbound or transit passengers.

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mixed freight trains 

Mixed freight trains, also known as mixed-service trains or mixed-transport trains are a common sight in India, particularly in less populated areas. These trains run on a combination of passenger and freight services, with a shared set of locomotives.

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unit trains

Rail transport is used in the social material production process to transport freight and passengers. It plays an important role in developing and improving people's lives.

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Supply Chain Management


hospitality industry

Logistics is a fundamental part of the value chain, which is the core of an enterprise. It constitutes the basic activity that the enterprise performs in order to achieve its competitive advantage.

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manufacturing industry

Logistics is an important part of production. Processing and manufacturing account for only 10% of the entire process, while logistics accounts for almost 90%.

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food industry

Food logistics management is a long chain, and a series of management needs to be completed. The storage and transportation industry can help you do all this!

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pharmaceutical industry

Global pharmaceutical trade, both imports and exports, is a multi-billion dollar business, with over $125 million worth of transactions exported in 2019. This figure is expected to grow to $160 million by 2024.

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Project Cargo Logistics


Project cargo handling services

Loading and unloading are indispensable parts of our production process. They not only ensure the smooth operation of production, but also guarantee the quality of direct production.

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Provide bulk project cargo logistics transportation solutions

The variety, nature and shape of the products can be explained in the packaging item, and the transportation method suitable for the characteristics and shape of the goods should be selected.

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On-site logistics

The sole aim of logistics is to meet the customer's requirements for a certain commodity under the conditions of time and place. Changes in time and place are fundamental elements in realizing the value of logistics.

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Provide competitive prices and advice for customers

Door-to-door delivery refers to the fact that a carrier delivers goods directly to customers. This usually takes place using small freight vehicles that do not need to be replaced during transportation.

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