Rail Freight Cargo Transportation Services

Rail Freight Cargo Transportation Services

Railway freight, also known as freight by train, is produced in the context of the rapid development of the modern logistics industry at home and abroad, the continuous adjustment of the distribution of railway productivity, and the continuous release of transportation capacity.

As a rail freight services ltd, Realhong can provide you with comprehensive railway freight services with competitive train cargo costs. We can also offer intermodal rail cargo services for you.

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What Is Rail Freight?

What's the rail freight definition? Railway freight train shipping is based on resources such as railway freight stations. Rail logistics companies integrate modern logistics and supply chain management and service concepts to provide customers with a comprehensive and integrated modern logistics service space based on railway transportation and first-class cargo train transport services. It can be used as a railway itself. The place for rail rack freight services can also be used as a public logistics base to attract relevant logistics companies to settle in and jointly carry out logistics services. Cargo train transport services generally have the characteristics of moderately advanced, complete functions, strong capabilities, advanced equipment, and extensive radiation.

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Advantages Of Rail Freight

There are some advantages of cargo train transport services in the following.
  • 1

    The main environmental advantage of rail rack freight is to reduce exhaust emissions by sending goods by train. Thus, rail freight shipping is relatively environmentally-friendly.

  • 2

    Rail rack freight is a fast, highly reliable mode of transportation with short delivery times. There is almost no weather that can block the operation of rail freight shipping, thus reducing the risk of sudden delays.

  • 3

    GPS tracking in the train can protect the safety of the goods during rail freight transport and avoid loss or theft for rail freight companies.

  • 4

    Lower interest capital partly compensates for higher train cargo cost, making rail rack freight a very cost-effective transportation option.

What Do Freight Trains Carry?

Generally speaking, the following types can be carried by rail cargo transport.

1. For goods with a relatively small freight burden, large batches of goods, and long transportation distances, rail freight shipping is a more economical choice.

2. Suitable for one-time efficient rail freight shipping of a large number of goods.

3. Medium and long-distance rail rack freight transportation of bulk low-value goods.

4. Suitable for rail rack freight transportation of bulk and canned goods.

The biggest advantage of railway freight services is reflected in the short freight cycle, which is suitable for industries with relatively high capital turnover requirements, and also suitable for products with relatively large added value, such as mobile phones, home appliances, and a large number of mechanical accessories. 

If home appliances are exported to Central Asia, Europe, or the industries that export products such as machinery parts, clothing, etc. are all suitable for rail rack freight.

Railway Freight Services

Rail Freight Train Cargo Cost

Rail rack freight is one of the current logistics transportation methods, which is generally used for transporting large objects with a long journey. When we choose transportation, we will first understand the price, the charging rules, and the principle of insuring, etc. So, what is the price of rail freight and container rail freight rates?

As for rail shipping costs, rail freight prices include station prices, operating prices, service prices, and additional railway equipment prices. The rail goods transport rate shall be checked and collected by the railway transportation enterprise using the "ticket" and the "receipt of freight and miscellaneous expenses".

Types of Freight Trains

Currently, unit trains, mixed freight trains and intermodal trains are the most common rail rack freight trains in the industry. While the unit trains are famous for their high efficiency in transferring large quantities of one specific product from one certain location to another, mixed freight trains can normally carry a greater amount of goods than unit trains as they deliver different types of cargo to their destinations. However, unlike unit trains, mixed trains cannot realize smooth rail freight shipping as they cannot do quick delivery turnarounds. And as for intermodal rail transport, it actually involves different forms of freight forwarding services. The intermodal train can be simply seen as a single part of the whole freight demand supply chain.

Railway Freight Services

Rail Intermodal Transportation

As it is simply mentioned above, intermodal rail transportation is actually an international transportation method that combines different modes of rail freight shipping into one. That is to say, customers can not only feel the flexible services the road cargo transport can provide but also enjoy the competitive rate intermodal rail freight and sea freight can bring. For instance, when it comes to the situation when there is no railway available near the goods that are needed to be loaded, the use of road freight services can work as an effective short-term measurement. As a professional intercontinental logistics cargo company, Realhong can provide you with perfect intermodal shipment solutions. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

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